Meatballs with boiled rice

500 g minced meat
1/2 cup (100 g) rice
3-4 heads (200 g) onion
100 g butter
2-3 (150 g) tomatoes
5 tbsp (50 g) flour
egg 1
1 tsp (5 g) red pepper
Meatballs with boiled rice
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To the minced meat, add the rice, cleaned, washed and boiled, egg, pepper, 1/5 of the butter and salt to taste. The mixture was kneaded well and it formed a small but equal in size meatballs. Rolled in flour and without upsetting is left to rest. In the rest of the butter stew chopped onion, then add the red pepper and tomatoes, peeled and grated. When the mixture remain in the oil, is added to hot water. In the resulting sauce, bring to the boil, with a spoon placed one by one meatballs (sauce should cover them). The dish is cooked on low heat until ready as occasionally shaken not burn.
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01 Dec 2002


Do not pass up those balls.

recipe is great. And to the sauce can be added to the finely chopped carrots and pepper.

One of my favorite recipes!

Except that the author failed to note that to ground meat is added the rice-cleaned, washed and boiled;)! You are meatballs with boiled rice! Traditional recipe!

Mimsi, a way of making you wrote that to mince add rice, and in the title - you wrote boiled rice. I think it is unnecessary to write that the rice is cleaned and washed - that everyone knows it.

Many cool recipe :)

recipe is great, my recipe is the same except that I do not brew pre rice.

Very tasty obtained. Goes to Favorites!