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Pizza Zucchini
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Difficulty: Easy
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Added by gkostova04
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  • Add to shopping list3 eggs
  • Add to shopping list800 g zucchini (4)
  • Add to shopping list1/2 cup flour
  • Add to shopping list5-6 sprigs of dill
  • Add to shopping list1/2 tsp salt
  • Add to shopping list200 g cheese
  • Add to shopping list1 tomato
  • Add to shopping list1 onion
  • Add to shopping listoregano, basil, rosemary
  • Add to shopping list50 g olives
  • Add to shopping listsalt
Preparation method
For the base grate the courgettes and allowed to squeeze the juice. Add the eggs beaten with flour, dill and bake 10-15 minutes, spread in pan. On the base grate cheese, put chopped tomatoes, onions, sliced ​​and spices. The olives are placed last. Bake is.
Published by by sladki64e on 9 December 2009
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# 5
[I cooked this]
became divinely delicious and much diet is a little flour, thanks for the recipe
[I cooked this]
7 Aug 2013
# 4
[Recipe author]
Very impressed me this recipe and I'm going to do! It turns out that I publish it, but I do not remember :). Thank you for your comments (so reminded me) and I am very glad you like it! 23 Jul 2013
# 3
[I cooked this]
We really liked the pizza - delicious and light for summer! The next time you and add chicken or turkey meat.
[I cooked this]
23 Jul 2013
# 2
[I cooked this]
Instead I put flour oatmeal. Very very tasty!
[I cooked this]
16 Jul 2013
# 1
[I cooked this]
I made pizza - I liked, and as you ate the day - znyachi and Nha their other liked. Simple and useful.
[I cooked this]
27 Aug 2010
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