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Sleeping Bear
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Difficulty: Difficult
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Added by dudeslavka
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  • Add to shopping listsoy sauce
  • For decoration:
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Preparation method
1 cup rice is boiled with 2 cups water and salt. The other 1 cup rice is boiled with 2 cups water, salt and soy sauce for color. Dark rice with wet hands shape teddy bear from his world is made muzzle, belly, ears, optional and paws. Make a bed of salad in which the bear put to sleep. Wind up with the pancake, which is optional and decorates them with food dyes. Olive cut nose, and stripes for the eyes and mouth. Julienne must be thin to be retained, since they can be pressed against the person splits up.

* made by me decoration is an example. Anyone can make another.
Published by by Aliana on 19 February 2009
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# 34
[Recipe author]
I am very glad that you had the benefit of the idea. I'm excited to see the photos:-) 29 Sep 2010
# 33
[I cooked this]
surprise your guests tonight. Made to each guest bear with cucumbers and tomatoes, and became as zalatka as began to mesh. Bravo a good idea ... Tomorrow I will upload photos ... :)
[I cooked this]
29 Sep 2010
# 32
[Recipe author]
Nelly, bravo! Very nice teddy bear you did! 14 Aug 2010
# 31
This is art ...31 May 2010
# 30
Big beauties have added girls. Congratulations! 30 Apr 2010
# 29
comes to fondle me, very warm performance. His great! 19 Feb 2010
# 28
Hey, this is super straight! Bravooo:-) 18 Nov 2009
# 27
Mary, this reminds me of sauce stew with potatoes. Click on the picture and you'll see it better. :) 31 Aug 2009
# 26
The idea is incredible! Very original, well done! I want to ask about the white bear, added by BABY, what it is made brown sauce in which sleeping bear? 31 Aug 2009
# 25
wonder! what else to say! :) 20 Jul 2009
# 24
[I cooked this]
thank you rally! Yet your work is awesome! BRAVO 30 Apr 2009
# 23
[Recipe author]
I find that the bear's very sweet, Maggie, and that got it right! Tablets exactly this is the charm of such an idea - that each individual makes. 30 Apr 2009
# 22
[I cooked this]
Maggie, You have done great. Bear is very nice. bravo! 30 Apr 2009
# 21
Bravo Rally super idea! Bear is great :) 30 Apr 2009
# 20
[I cooked this]
very original! BRAVO! And I tried to do it, did not do so well! great idea!
[I cooked this]
30 Apr 2009
# 19
Very sweet and original teddy bear!14 Mar 2009
# 18
[Recipe author]
Great idea! And it will try! 4 Mar 2009
# 17
[I cooked this]
I made a golyayayamo bear. Body colored rice with soy sauce. Head, ears, hands and feet with potatoes Cheese. Abe became a mix of products. And especially two suites in one. Photos of sazhelenie not. I do not have a suitable device for this.
[I cooked this]
4 Mar 2009
# 16
[Recipe author]
Super! Rice you do it? Or replace products? Do you have pictures? 4 Mar 2009
# 15
[I cooked this]
This teddy bear dressed it, Shrovetide. Became great. All impressed ... 4 Mar 2009
# 14
[Recipe author]
Look, cheese instead of white rice I had not thought! Well, so speaking, all bear may be other products. I saw rice and so did we love rice. But surely it with mashed potatoes and belly and muzzle of cheese? 22 Feb 2009
# 13
How do you wake up this Male? Bravo, Raleigh! Great performance. For convenience, if someone does not have paint for food patterns of the Rhodope blanket can be made by alternating strips of roasted red and green peppers and white pattern - of grated cheese. Question of fantasy. 22 Feb 2009
# 12
great bear directly'm delighted you. Familiar with a lot of cooking, straight'm delighted you (may speak TI) Sorry 21 Feb 2009
# 11
[Recipe author]
Thank you, Vesi, and other thank you for the compliments, but the idea is not mine, and just making pictures unfortunately poor. I saw it in a Japanese site. 20 Feb 2009
# 10
Uauuuuuuuuuu, very beautiful :) bc Rally Super idea! Just no words! Bravo dear! 20 Feb 2009
# 9
[Recipe author]
If you do not like soy sauce (and I do not go to any meal) instead of coloring the half rice, take 1 h. H. Natural rice rough. He is dark. Boil a little longer, maybe 4-5 minutes. 20 Feb 2009
# 8
[I cooked this]
Eee, another surprise! Soon my son's birthday, and I will prepare this teddy bear as a surprise for the children Supeeeer. 20 Feb 2009
# 7
EEEEEEEEEEEEE bravo, it already borders on art :))20 Feb 2009
# 6
Just no words! Bravooooooooooooo! 20 Feb 2009
# 5
Splendor, no words! RALLY BRAVO! 20 Feb 2009
# 4
Rally, very Sweet teddy bear! I would also let him Spink. What you child will resist that bear ... 20 Feb 2009
# 3
BRAVO! Amazing idea! I look forward to the photos. E-be-is why I have no grandchildren yet ... 20 Feb 2009
# 2
[Recipe author]
And I loved it, especially for children. But surprisingly they decided they would leave him to sleep:-) Photos are placed, perhaps tomorrow we will see. 19 Feb 2009
# 1
Great idea for garnish! :) 19 Feb 2009
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