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Added by renito
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  • Add to shopping list1 large carrot
  • Add to shopping list50 g feta cheese
  • Add to shopping list50 g ham
Preparation method
Carrots are cleaned and boiled for 10 minutes in salted water. All products are cut into cubes with size 1 cm. Stacked cube, while being careful to not overlap as measles.
Published by by nelale on 1 August 2011
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# 6
[I cooked this]
Very interesting, different and original way of presenting appetizer! I did it with carrot, cucumber and cheese. I was tough to slice identical cubes of various products and the next time I can help with mayonnaise in the assembly :) Thanks for the great idea nelale :)
[I cooked this]
27 Nov 2013
# 5
[Recipe author]
Ronnie, yes, I think it replaced with cheese. Thank you. 9 Aug 2011
# 4
white cheese should be more maznichko otherwise crumble when cutting. original idea! 8 Aug 2011
# 3
Bravo! It is very beautiful. 2 Aug 2011
# 2
[Recipe author]
Thank you! I could not cut equal cubes, next time try to think more and try it with blue cheese and carrot, it will be easier to cut. :) 1 Aug 2011
# 1
Well, I have to repeat, but there is no way - and this proposal is original!1 Aug 2011
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