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Sterilized lime leaves
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Preparation method
Are harvested leaves of lime in May and early June, while still fragile. Wash thoroughly, soaked in water for 10-15 minutes and then milled for 2-3 minutes in boiling, salted water. Once cool, wound multiple sheets of tight rolls and arrange the jars tightly. Put it in 1/2 tsp salt jar of 500 ml, and make hot water. Close the hermetically and cook 20 minutes.
Published by by tillia on 27 August 2009
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# 7
[I cooked this]
Tillia, Saturday dialed again leaves lime. In our neighborhood there are 7-8 limes. Now we have one for cooking and one for Christmas / If you do not napravimpredi this /. Skiselo milk that curdled at home, you are wonderful. Saludos desde Buenos Aires ...!
[I cooked this]
27 Oct 2014
# 6
[Recipe author]
My first thought was - what lime leaves this season ?! Then navigate that to you is spring. :) I'm glad as you like. On the retention of leaves - of course the best is in the freezer. My proposal is a variant. :) 22 Oct 2014
# 5
[I cooked this]
I dialed lime leaves on Saturday, became great leaves. These days will dial again for another preparation for Christmas ..I inquired about it, how are retained. I think I'll do as * 3 Lovely - in the freezer ...! 21 Oct 2014
# 4
[Recipe author]
Yes, it is easier, but that does not have a freezer, act as above. Do every year and now await the leaves to grow a little more and I'll put my. 14 May 2011
# 3
I blanch and freeze them - so I was easy :)13 May 2011
# 2
[Recipe author]
For leafs. As cabbage and vine leaves. 28 Aug 2009
# 1
What use these leaves and lime?27 Aug 2009
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