Striped kozunak

1 kg of flour
14 g of dry yeast
3 eggs
300 ml freshly Mlaka
300 g sugar
2 tsp salt
150 ml sunflower oil
2 vanilla
rind of 1 lemon, and can extract
1 egg yolk spreads
Paint cookies red and blue
Striped kozunak
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First make leaven 100 ml hot milk, and it put two packets of dry yeast, fresh with 3-4 tbsp flour. Thus obtained mixture was left for about 15-20 minutes until the rise. In a deep bowl whisk three eggs with the sugar, 200 g hot milk, put 100 ml sunflower oil, vanilla and lemon zest. Stir nice then put souring already yeast. Again stirring. This mixture is distributed in three separate court equally. One was stained with red paint, the second blue, and the third remains the color of the kozunak. You put so much paint as you want to stain your kozunak. These mixtures get involved three separate medium-hard test. Leave to rise for an hour then mixed by hand melt remaining in sunflower oil and again allowed to rise. So is repeated four times in an hour. Then these three tests are divided into two by the color. Form is shallow, which rise for 40 minutes and smeared with yolk. Bake in two forms the kozunak 180 C for 30-40 minutes.
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19 Apr 2009


Very nice idea! Bravo! They have become suuuuper!

very interesting

very cheerful cake :) in tune with the festive eggs

a good idea and very original.

Leleeee Steph, what are these beauties! EXCELLENT! I loved the idea! How beautiful it just seems ...

Stefanka, good very beautiful!

Super Steph idea!

Thank you all. I am glad that you liked my cake :):} :)

Strhotna idea for the cake! Bravo!

great cake! And very beautiful - and around and cut!

very nice cake! BRAVO!

looks great