Homemade mayonnaise

6 eggs
sunflower oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp citric acid
In compote jar (800 ml), Tap eggs should be at room temperature, put spices and pour sunflower oil to the crook of the jar. Place the blender to the bottom of the jar and passaged without raises blender until ready.
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01 May 2009


scabies oil is not added gradually you?

No, pour and then passaged.

I put a few drops of lemon

. barbova I also put a few drops of lemon juice, but instead of whole eggs as here in this recipe only put the yolks. 6 egg yolks with 125ml oil, salt and lemon juice. Becomes incredible.

What if 6 whole eggs filled a tumbler 250ml, there are still 550m in the jar, this is the place for oil. But you do not go out of the jar? Right in the beating increases the volume?

through the working 1759 British troops besieging the French island Marjoram and port Mayon. Food ran out and left only vegetable oil and eggs. Prepare them in omelettes tired of soldiers and officers. Then Duke Richelieu, commanding the French troops commanded to prepare another dish of vegetable oil and eggs. In honor of the city Mayon new dish was called *mayonnaise*.

Nothing happens by passaged after adding oil ... Becomes a watery :( He does not want to get a thick mixture .. so most probably gradually and this is ..

Rossi to give a dense and tasty mayonnaise, but have VERY SLOWLY / by 5 mm literally / to rise from the bottom of the blender jar up blender. Burke continues pone3 minutes. In the beginning I was in a hurry with Blender and the court form a greasy, yellow liquid rarer than boza.

how many days after it is edible?