Creme Brulee - II type

2 and 1/2 cup cream (36% -40% fat)
4 yolks
1/3 cup caster sugar
vanilla cream
Creme Brulee - II type
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Put in a saucepan and leave to zakakri for about 30 seconds, poured in immediately yolks (a trickle), stirring well with a mixer. Mixture back into the pan and continue to cook, allowing it zakakri (at a lower temperature, set not burn on the bottom). Stir the fire until it thickens and begins to stick to the spoon, remove from heat and add vanilla. Then pour into a shallow fireproof container (or bowls) and leave in refrigerator overnight. 2 hours before serving sprinkle cold cream evenly with the sugar is caramelized with a kitchen torch or put under the grill, pre-heated to a maximum temperature. Sugar will be as smooth caramelized crust on cream. You may need to turn the court with cream under the grill to obtain a uniform color. It is important that this procedure be done quickly in order to be caramelized sugar on top and cream to remain cold and hard inside. * 1 cup = 200 ml
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26 Aug 2007


There he soon after so cooking will soften cream will this very scary

Ha! Easy recipe for creme brulee - without water bath :) I did a half dose and am happy with the result. Cream that I used was 35% and again tightened decent - not as hard as caramel custard, but quite nice gentle pudding. Time for which thickens the mixture was about 5 minutes, I filled two refractory bowls of 100 ml (bowls creme brulee). I missed the flavor will add vanilla products and will use orange next time. Pretsedih cooked cream through a strainer before you pour into bowls. Put and photos, unfortunately without the final result - I could not :( I caramelized sugar burner, so in the oven under the grill, but not warm it up enough and got a warm cream sprinkled with sugar ... Another time I managed to caramelize, it is not impossible, but it must be very strong and heated up again with gorelchitsa a better result.

I bake sugar on top of the grill microwave. Run grilled, put the baking pan - grill and wait 2-3 minutes until golden brown on top heating elements, put bowls and run for 5-10 minutes just grill. As stand-grill is high, the distance between the surface of the cream and the heating elements is 2-3 cm. Is very fast. And since the rotate it uniformly. Burner and I dream, but ...

Very good and quick version of creme brulee! I did however a water bath, but the stove. I wanted to be sure that it will not burn. It took me a little more time to thicken the cream but worth it. Appeal to all in the house.

Most creams liquid -Vegetable are 30% fat, exactly where to take higher and which brand? If 30% is there a problem?

I think you can use one of 30%, provided that you can not find another. Just do is animal (i. E. A real cream).