Jam cherries

1 kg cherries
1 kg of sugar
200 g glucose
1 packet of vanilla or 2-3 leaf geranium
1/2 tsp citric acid
Jam cherries
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Washed and cleaned of stems and pitted cherries are covered with sugar and allowed to stand for 10-12 hours and then boiled to thicken the syrup to form a foam on the surface was removed with a slotted spoon. At the end of cooking add the acid and glucose, and after removal of the jam from heat and add vanilla (indrisheto).
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02 Jul 2009


I annually brew sweet cherry. But do not put glucose, vanilla or geranium also put. So losing the true flavor of traditional sweet cherry. This is my opinion.

I want to ask before you put to boil, pour the water you and if so, how? I guess cherries will put syrup after stay sprinkled with sugar, but whether it will be enough?

Water does not put, they put enough juice.

I wonder what is the role of glucose? I made sweet, but without glucose and very tasty. Do not put evaluation because missing one component of the recipe, which I do not know how it affects the taste.