Pancakes appetizer

2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup incomplete flour
2 tbsp sunflower oil
# Stuffing - I type:
200 g minced meat
1 small onion
100 g mushrooms
pinch savory
pinch of pepper
# Stuffing - II type:
1 egg
cream cheese
Pancakes appetizer
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Beat 2 eggs and 1 cup milk, add about 1/2 cup flour. Allow the mixture to rest, then fry pancakes in a frying pan, strongly heated and greased - Pour in 1-2 tbsp of the mixture and shake the mixture is poured over the entire bottom of the pan, turns with a wooden spatula and fry on both sides. Stuffing - I type: At 200 g minced meat add chopped onions and mushrooms. All fry, add salt. Add a pinch of herbs and pepper. In each pancake pour in the middle 1 tbsp of filling and shrinks as Envelope. Arrange in a baking dish, top put cheese (grated) and shortly before the presentation baked in the oven. Serve warm. Stuffing - II type: Mix and blend boiled egg and cream cheese. Insert 1 tbsp mixture of filling in the middle of the pancake, collected all as bohchichka and tied with 1 sprig parsley long. Arranged in an oblong plate on grated carrot.
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01 Nov 2008
Maria Prodanova, author of the book Bulgarian holidays and traditions


In many cases when I have guests these pancakes and serve them as a main dish. Use stuffing in a variety of options. Put peas or corn from a jar, melted cheese or cheese, fried vegetables, do whatever came to my mind.

Good, I like the second option, but first I have already done it really is a wonderful appetizer.