Sliven buns

1 cube of yeast
300 ml lukewarm milk
2 pinches salt
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
about 1 kg of flour
2 heaped tbsp flour
80 g soft butter
1 -2 tbsp soft lard
1 tbsp water (cold)
1 egg
pinch of salt
# For sprinkling:
powdered sugar
Sliven buns
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From 300 ml lukewarm water, milk, salt, the oil, yeast and flour mix a soft dough . Leave covered with fresh foil to rise. Once it has rested knead lightly. Oilt very nice tray with sunflower oil and sprinkled with flour, so as not to slide trays in the beads. The dough tear small balls form is good and lining up next to each other at a small distance in the trays. When all the balls are formed in the trays are watered with thin lines sunflower oil. Leave nice to rise during this time makes topping. When rise is nice smeared with the prepared sauce and bake in a well-heated oven until ready. I bake at 180 C on the bottom and a fan on the second level from the bottom. When roast is removed from the oven and sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar. topping is cooked all products put it in a deep pot and mix to a fluffy cream. * There are many recipes for the preparation of buns, but the traditional Sliven make buns sprinkled with powdered sugar, and nowhere in them feta cheese. Generally prepared with nahutova yeast and then gets a unique taste, but because there is no longer where to find such yeast, I prepare them or a dry or fresh yeast ordinary. * From this dose out two trays buns.
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07 Oct 2009


tempting recipe that will be done in the near future!

tillia, I hope you'll like buns and taste.

Great buns Pepa. Nice zauska many children will like them. Well done.

vanito21, I'm glad you like the recipe. And buns are made fairly briskly and have tasty.

My kids look like buns. I will make them and then will tell. :)

lubopitka, will be happy if you appeal and will wait for feedback.

I love buns. This will be the recipe that will make them the next time. Are wonderful.

Desi, buns and hope you like it. I am glad that our tastes match and we like similar things. I want to once again express my gratitude for the trust that my vote.

These are buns, I'm from Sliven and you say that these are Slivenski buns. Bravo Pepa are our buns, only until you look at them. Soon explaining to my husband for buns and he does not know what it is, and here in Sofia I have not seen to do. Many thanks for the recipe, I've long since lost it. Ties directly goes to favorites. I'll write about the outcome.

neli1100, very glad that here a man of our city. Indeed our buns are not in other cities, and I grew up watching them and I can not forget even for a day.

Today I made them for breakfast. Many were delicious.

Desi very glad that you liked the buns are. At home have long been favorites.

True Sliven buns! Thanks for the recipe!

karry_mall, I'm glad you like the buns.

made them and were wonderful!

karry_mal, thank you for the trust to the recipe. Glad buns you like.

If you put dry yeast, how should such amount be? Thanks in advance.

Once the flour is about 1 kg will need 2 packages dry yeast - '14 At least those that until now I have benefited so - 7 g yeast 500 g flour. I recommend dry yeast to mix well with the flour and then add other products. A Pepa buns are great and worth to be done.

voda, Ina you answer the question, but as I rarely use dry yeast, because it seemed the next day if you accidentally left something of roast, whatever it happens to me dry and crumble. This is my personal opinion. However, it is a matter of taste and habit :)

buns are great, you will not stay until the next day

But I am a little disappointed as there was not much. Bread with sugar on top ... And I like the man of neli1100 did not know what milnki :)

daniski, people's tastes are different and it is said that one thing as one pleases, to be liked by others. Buns have bakeries, their taste is obtained from the topping, because the other is usually dough. We liked it a lot, especially while his is hot, but maybe it's because I grew up with them, and then I make them and his son while growing up, and even now that is great. We have been delicious and so I do them, and you you can safely cook breakfast for another family that love it all home. We will be glad if you share and your favorite snacks :)

course Pepolina, absolutely you're right. I am not aimed to hurt you, just wrote what I think.

daniski, darling, do not hit me. I just wanted to write that not everyone likes the same thing and everyone has different preferences, and of course this is completely normal. With us in Sliven these buns are very popular because we grew up drinking them you love them very much, but you might have some other traditional breakfast will be glad to see

and I got pictures of grammes buns. kind of them brought at least :)

daniski, wonderful are your buns, but why just kind !?

Pepolinke Thanks for the compliment!Well somehow I got dry, probably something I'm confused.I put everything according to the recipe, even wondering if there is an error with fat topping-so much I saw. Yet no one liked them ...Half of them out.My husband is from Plovdiv and said buns with which he was raised, were not any at all ...This recipe was as close to Plovdiv.But they were more robustly -6-7sm.I do it because I made them-otherwise my small northern town also did not and I did not know what *buns*.And so ...

Here now he explains that Plovdiv buns were very greasy, baked in individual shapes and looked like mushroom after baking. if anyone has any info buns, please write to me!

daniski, they generally Sliven and buns are baked in individual baking pans, but I do that dose two baking pans (normal) with balls and bake them :) for greasy, if you try to enlarge a little topping for to become a bit more and feel more. I suggest you do just an idea :)

Pepe, come on please inquire how many gram yeast put you on the set dose. I think those days began yeast. Thank you in advance :)

Aliana, hello dear! I apologize for the late reply, but two days no net so far and now you answer :) I think that what you send will you do for nahutovata yeast :)
Nahutova yeast was prepared in the following manner. Take '10 nahutovi beans and crushed in a mortar retail. Place in sterilized bottle with a long neck and a capacity of 100 cm3 (ml). Pour with 0, 5% boiling solution of NaCl (sodium chloride). The mixture is allowed to cool to TEN. 38-40 C (typically aged for 6-8 hours). Gradually the foam that goes beyond the neck of the bottle. Foam begins with large bubbles that gradually layered and become smaller and more dense. With the termination of the fermentation stops the separation of the foam and the mixture became clear. When the fermentation process goes wrong, foam is not formed or is formed slightly misaligned with bubbles. Fermented mixture is strained and the clear liquid knead soft dough with 100 g of flour. It serves as the initial phase, which can be kneaded starting phase needed to Mayano nahutovo dough.

source: Technology of bread and confectionery

I hope I have been helpful :)

very comprehensive, as always :) Thank you! I got ours, so to say *family* recipe for gram yeast. Just do not know how your recipe I need. See my recipe Maya (leaven) of chickpeas , it is for 1 kg of flour for simit. I wonder if that amount again takes buns ... Or take less flour to be more porous, more air ....?

Aliana, I think Try this amount for one kilogram. flour, I think I will become good and of course a lot - nice taste of gram yeast :) And then, if you do and sometimes you can try a bit can reduce flour. Then write how they become buns :)

As there Sliven, are known from time immemorial. Even families are baptized them :)

vkusnahapka, thank you! Really are nice and we love them very much:) ... so I grew up with them, how will like them :)

Great buns were. With little change. I used 500 g flour soft soft doughAnd instead of using flour bread crumbs for topping. Zaparzhih crumbs for topping

STELKINA, the important thing is that you have been delicious:) I also really like the changes and often change recipes according to the taste of their relatives, but always look to them tasty. Thank you for your trust!

Taste of buns they brought me back years years ago ex school memories *)

STELKINA, I also I grew up with these buns :)

Today I will try buns. In Sliven have the best snacks and will be glad if you share and any other recipe. When we are there every day eat in your breakfast and the city becomes more beautiful!

cvetito_72, thanks for the nice words! Our town is really famous buns, but are nice and karandilkite or as they say in other areas krenvirshki, and cheese cakes are good, but still depends on the masters of snacks. It is a pity that more - less than young people prefer to deal with this and the old masters are already disappearing. I shared a recipe, but I am now with a broken arm and plaster and I find it very hard to write, so please pardon. But I can recommend is the recipe for mini karandilki that I published, I think you'd like :)

pepolina, buns were great. I wish you a speedy healing hand and expect new delicious recipes. I have several recipes in your favorite, tested several times.

flowers, thank you sweetie! Glad you were tasty :)