Christmas kapama

1 chicken
500 g veal
500 g pork
300 g minced meat
300 g smoked brisket
200 g sausage
1 sour cabbage
100 g rice
1 cup (200 ml) sunflower oil
2-3 onions
For the chicken is cooked stuffing half rice - stewed, offal of chicken, chopped, herbs and pepper. It is filled and stitched. Of cabbage leaves are removed 12-13, and the rest is cut into small pieces. With the leaves make dolmaschki with mince, rice rest, red and black pepper and chopped onion. In a large saucepan or earthen vessel rank one over another part of the chopped cabbage, the dolmas, put it chicken, smoked brisket, sliced, chopped sausage and pork chops and veal. Add the oil and 1/2 cup water or cabbage juice. Cover the pot tightly and put in a moderate oven to bake.
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23 Dec 2002


This is great Bulgarian dish.

It is best to cook in a clay pot with a lid and blurred dough. It can be served in the palace of the Queen of England.

This is the best Bulgarian recipe for Christmas and New Year. Instead of sausage in real recipe pudding which is enclosed chicken, turkey, goose or duck, which is filled. Remains overnight in the oven at low and in the morning the dish is ready. Separated them up separately, and the rest is stacked in the baking pan, the bird is surrounded with sausage or Blood Sausages, arranged to steaks and bake a little redden bird.

Instead of smoked breasts can and raw boneless, for the lazy, rather than make stuffed vine leaves knead rice with cabbage and so laying, baking at about 100-110 degrees 8:00 sealed with dough and clay court are recommended , chicken you can replace it with stuffed chicken steaks legs.

Best New Year dish, especially if done with fat chicken or turkey. Pudding is a must.

Mmm, to lick your fingers.

It is best done in clay casseroles, as the bottom and sides of casseroles lining pieces of bacon.

tomorrow evening I will have guests and will try obligatory

Kapama is a classic in the genre, congratulations on the proposed recipe.