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Fish, baked BBQ
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Difficulty: Very easy
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Preparation method
Fish are cleaned, washed and salted, then stay 10-15 minutes to absorb salt. Place in a well heated BBQ and bake on both sides of zest.
Published by on 1 December 2002
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# 4
[I cooked this]
Trout on the grill is great!
[I cooked this]
25 Jun 2012
# 3
Very simple. The fish must be greasy so slightly covered with olive oil / oil / lemon. Very tasty eye it with salt and add a little white pepper. 5 Aug 2011
# 2
Very easy and fast and undoubtedly delicious.9 Jul 2005
# 1
(not registered)
It would not be bad before baking brush the fish with a little lemon juice. Becomes divine;-) 30 Dec 2004
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