Hazel boards

1 dose Dough 1-2-3
300 g hazelnuts
400 g nougat (brown)
500-600 g couverture chocolate
Hazel boards
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The dough is prepared recipe. After cooling roll thinly between two sheets of plastic foil. Cut into strips with width 1.5-2 cm. These in turn were cut into 5cm lengths. The resulting boards are arranged on the baking sheet and bake at 170-180 C for 10 minutes. Leave to cool. nougat melt in a water bath and stir well to become creamy. Put it in a spray (or a plastic bag, cut out the corner) and applied a thick line on the board. In nougat and hazelnut clamp is allowed to cool until hardened nougat. melted couverture and the plates are immersed in it with hazelnuts down. Return on baking paper. Consumed the next day to relax the dough and become loose. * From the recipe out about 100 pieces. * If you bake fan can bake several trays simultaneously.
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27 Oct 2009


Rally, what *nougat*? Kovertyura know and can eventually be replaced by a chocolate / do not know if there kovertyur in our stores, perhaps more specialized /. Any idea what could be replaced *nougat*? Just my recipe is very interesting and I want to adapt it to products that we have.

Ina, dark Nougat is a mixture of ground nuts, most often hazelnuts, cocoa butter, powdered sugar, lecithin, milk powder. Used for filling of chocolates and candies. His name is still praline & # 233 ;. Nougat spreads example Nutella. Will try, if nutella tightens after warming and will tell you whether you can replace it.