Layered cake parfait with apricots and biscuits

Submitted by enr on 02 Jul 2012
1 kg apricots
600 ml sour cream
400 g sugar
40 g gelatin
200 g biscuits
300 ml milk
vanilla, rum essence
Layered cake parfait with apricots and biscuits
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Beat sour cream with sugar. Melt the gelatin in 150 ml water. Heat until melted. Blend the cleaned and cleared of stones apricots. Mix shattered with passion fruit cream and gelatin. Add vanilla and rum flavoring. Allow the mixture to harden for 1 hour. Dip biscuits in milk. At 26 centimeters form with flexible board along with overlap half the biscuits and half the gelled mixture. Repeat once more. Allow the cake to tighten to 12 hours. Remove the rolling board. Decorate the sides with tiles of white chocolate topped with fresh apricots and other fruits.
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02 Jul 2012


very light and delicious cake!

If you use the form size 24 cm, will it be good or will come small and should damp products? Moreover, what else can decorate the sides, what will remain on gelled grounds whipped cream, cream ...?

You can arrange biscuit or put biscotti, cut fruits and so on.. All this is put before submerge cream i. E. Shape your edge of what will be the decoration and then put the cream. Good luck :)