Rolls with cream

Submitted by enr on 18 Feb 2012
# For the dough:
450 g flour
280 ml milk
10 g fresh yeast
2 tbsp soft butter
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 yolk spreads
# For the filling:
1 package vanilla pudding powder (40 g, 500 ml liquid)
1/3 cup raisins
Rolls with cream
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Prepare pudding according to package directions and let cool completely, stirring occasionally. You should get a thick and dense cream. Put the raisins in a suitable container with a few tablespoons of cognac warmed to swell. Since the products Knead a soft dough and let it rise. Once ready, roll out to a rectangle and smear up the cold pudding. Drain the raisins (if you have not taken all the cognac) and sprinkle evenly on top. Then turn carefully roll. Cut the roll into equal parts, with a thickness of 1 finger or a little more. There are about 18-20 pieces. Place them in a greased pan with sunflower oil (or use baking paper) and let them rise again. Brush with beaten with a little milk yolk. Bake in a preheated 180C oven, the average extent pinking. Still warm using a brush glaze with sugar syrup (made from 2-3 tbsp sugar and 3-4 tbsp water).
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18 Feb 2012


Again you did something delicious! Will waits Bookmark

Reni, not *delicious*, were great! I still think that the recipe will not wait very long to favorites !!! :)))

Auuu, these rolls are wonderful. Will try to do them and may not have been tested inside because of the cream. Iris, if possible, put a picture of the section, and also see what is inside the dough and began to turn up.

It crispy crust, but inside like brioche! Vtestyavat not only watch the cream to your thick, as it says in the recipe! Upload photos and cut.

Many thanks for the quick answer, like my kremkite than one time. Jump record her recipe and start tomorrow morning, if you will become complicated and photos.

And to me the recipe sounds delicious. Will try in the near future.

Oh, I missed commend bash master perunika :) - perfect pictures so appetizing that simmer and I do not turn up.

Thank you, girls! Glad you like the recipe! I also really liked it and when I was about, but today has finally come and order the result justified my expectations! I hope you can like it! Goodnight all!

rolls are wonderful not only in appearance but also in taste. I put extra nuts to the cream, vanilla and icing to posolih with poppy. Next time I will do 2 doses, and to eat your fill, now they got us.

And scary to us what we like. Very tasty! Coasting put 20g yeast, but I do not think much of a mistake. I have not lubrication yolk and sugar glazing also missed. Easter I give them a try and bakery dough. Perunika, many thanks for shared recipe - is great!

Elti, with options for bakery dough and I prisetih! Only the great day, I'm sure that will drop large mixing!

are Amazing! I just made them and then 2 doses at once May tomorrow will do again. Bravo for the wonderful recipe!

Hey, and how the next day or no one left to share? :)

By having warm are the most beautiful natural. When we left for the next day ... know not how? Again you were good, if you ask, mimsi!

Hmm beneath fresh yeast live yeast you can understand or dry?

And fresh (cube) and dry (of particles) yeast alive :) In the recipe is set fresh, but there is no reason not to become a dry - will only need to adjust the weight (usually indicated on the package ).

Mariela, fresh yeast is alive, that's right! if you use dry 7 d You will need :)

Nevi did not know that both Mayans live, until now always separate them live and dry ... :)

Thank you for xevi fast and very helpful reply :) I do not know why I left that impression :) Now start the recipe, if you get to upload photos :)

Says Navy, and dry (dried) and fresh yeast are alive, this is evidenced by the fact that the act;) drying (dry) yeast has the advantage that is lasting much longer, can be held in stock, and it is virtually impossible not leavened dough.

A successful recipe! Very very delicious rolls!

ow, infect me and me! will do tomorrow for sure!

At last I them vredih menu :) I did a double dose after so many positive comments. The dough of the second dose divided in two rolls, became the first very large :( and I took office, I like them all!

Mimsi, it is very nice when someone is happy with the proposed recipe from you! Compliments to you for the pictures!

I liked the recipe will soon try it