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Cherry juice
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Difficulty: Easy
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Preparation method
Sour cherries are cleaned from the stems and place them in cold water with 2-3 tbsp salt for 20-30 minutes, if you have worms - they go. Then thoroughly wash. If not, this procedure is skipped.
Put them in a large saucepan and pour in water to cover them 3-4 fingers on top. Put on the stove and cook 10-15 minutes to crack the fruits. Strain through cheesecloth nice. To the resulting juice was added sugar in the ratio of 1.5 liter of juice - 1 kg sugar. Put it back on the stove to boil 3-4 minutes. Fill in beer or wine bottles. Sterilize 15 minutes.

* I generally do not put a lot of sugar and the juice becomes clear, with ruby ​​color, flavor preserved and excellent taste, but not only is sweet without feeling the aroma of cherries .
* This juice is very suitable for hot summer days. Diluted with soda or mineral water in the kettle is placed 1 lemon, cut into pieces and a lot of ice cubes.
Published by by korneliq on 25 June 2009
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