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Potato tree
Rating: 10
Difficulty: Easy
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Added by BABY
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  • Add to shopping list2-3 potatoes
  • Add to shopping list4 tbsp parsley
  • Add to shopping listsalt
  • For decoration:
  • Add to shopping liststrips of cabbage
  • Add to shopping listred pepper
  • Add to shopping listyellow peppers
  • Add to shopping listpickled carrot
Preparation method
Cook potatoes in salted water. Still warm Strain with hand blender or smash nice with a fork. Add parsley and kneads dough. Allow to cool.
started modeling - it's quick - for each tree are needed 3 triangles of different sizes. The dough is placed between the thumb and forefinger and flattened triangle. Big triangle is a basis, it puts a toothpick and put it on the secondary triangle, as both ends are screwed up. It grinds on the little triangle made as average. The resulting tree is decorated by garlands to enjoy strips of sauerkraut. Toy cut tiny slices of peppers and carrots. They are attached with thick noodles. Portion is formed by a plate put cauliflower puree or salad Snow, top put the Christmas Tree.

On the specified products can be obtained 4 Christmas trees.

Do not be intimidated by the long explanation - it easily and quickly. Instead of parsley can be painted with green paint and confectionery to top grated feta cheese snow.
Published by by reni55 on 25 November 2008
competition winnerWinner of Recipe of the month November '08
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# 7
[Recipe author]
julienne cabbage attach thick vermicelli or toothpick. I thought today that the role of snow can play and cooked rice. 29 Nov 2008
# 6
Reni, bravo! The recipe is unique. I've ducklings from mashed potatoes, but tree I had not thought of. Just can not understand Fidel garlands strung it or go into the Christmas Tree? 29 Nov 2008
# 5
[Recipe author]
Very little was my cauliflower and base (of snow) is small. I do not become sauerkraut and Christmas Tree is without garlands. 27 Nov 2008
# 4
Bravo, Reni! Very festive, and certainly tasty. 27 Nov 2008
# 3
One wonders to watch you eat it you ... Is great! Bravo! 27 Nov 2008
# 2
Oh ... Expect pictures! Very original Rennie! 26 Nov 2008
# 1
The idea is great, will try.26 Nov 2008
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