Wedge with spinach and potatoes

2 handfuls (600 g) spinach
5-6 (500 g) potatoes
1 cup (250 g) cottage cheese
4 eggs
250 g butter
2 and 1/2 cup (300 g) flour
1 cup (200 ml) yogurt, buttermilk or yogurt
To the washed and chopped spinach, add the potatoes, boiled and mashed crushed, the cottage cheese and three eggs. The mixture add salt to taste and mix well. Flour, mixed yogurt, 1 egg and a little salt knead dough Banichan. Two rolled sheets, one of which must be larger than the bottom of the tray so as to wrap therein the filling. In a greased with butter tray is placed in the largest sheet and sprinkle with butter. Spread the filling on top and bends to the ends of the leaves. Place a second sheet and sprinkle with butter. The banitsa bake in medium high heat. As a bake one side, turns to brown, and on the other side. During baking it is brushed with butter top and sides. After baking, cover with a towel to smother and soft. Serve hot with yogurt.
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01 Dec 2002