Piglets potatoes

1 kg potatoes
3 tbsp mayonnaise
2 boiled eggs
1 carrot
black pepper
Piglets potatoes
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Cook potatoes, Strain, add mayonnaise and grated eggs, stir the mixture well. Took shape piglets eye put pepper and ear, nostrils and tail carrot.
Very easy
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01 Feb 2009


great and delicious! Bravo Donate

pretty original! Bravo!

ideal proposal.I made them tomorrow to *volcano*.

You can add other products, I made them today with cheese.

Only to you conscientiously to eat.

members! Really only will they contemplate heart will not let me eat them.

Great naprovo are as true now will make them my daughter will be very happy

like me, they are great

are very gotinki will do them for prom of my son! I am impressed!

Very original. Bravo! I loved to Favorites is!

Today I made them for the feast of the smallest. Are super. Thank you!

very sweet

Congratulations for the great idea-my daughter's birthday today and I wanted something more interesting. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised! Bravo!

Splendid! Thank you!

are very nice :)

It is very sweet. Well done.

are very nice! Tomorrow I will try to do!