Baby vegetable puree with fish (9 months)

200 g celery root
150 g potatoes
120 g fillet of zander
100 g broccoli
5-6 stalks of parsley
30 g butter or olive oil
190 ml water
Vegetables Peel and finely chop the broccoli florets only. The fish is washed and dried. Pass a finger on its surface to feel any bones. If you feel any, pulling with forceps. The fish is cut into cubes. vegetables and the butter or olive oil are placed in a pot and sauté briefly. Extinguished with water and simmer 5 minutes. Add fish and stew for another 15 minutes. Meanwhile, parsley and clean cut. Fish pieces rubbing sore fingers in a last security, put parsley in a blender with a little of the broth, passaged smoothly. Add everything else and pureed short.
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10 Feb 2009


Aliana, thanks for the recipe! Will have it ready for my sunshine. Just yesterday and cooked white fish, but with potatoes, carrots and rice. Will diversify. Other interesting recipes do you have a baby? These offers are interesting and will take them.