Hunting sudzhucheta

4 kg lean pork
4 kg beef
2 kg hard salo
250 g salt
30 g sugar
20 g pepper
20 g paprika
10 g saltpeter
The meat is minced meat with a chopper into pieces of 3-4 mm and salo - 5-6 mm, which add salt and leave in a cool room for 24 hours to be salted and then placed on an inclined surface to drain liberated water. Drained meat grinder to grind with a sharp knife so as not to crease. Beef spread, it is placed on pork and then salo. Arranged material is dusted with saltpeter, sugar and spices, kneaded thoroughly and put on 3 days in a cool room to be flavored and mature. Then re-milled. With this mixture fill not very concise pig intestine, which were sequenced small sudzhucheta length 12-15 cm. They are dried 24 hours, suspended in a well ventilated place. Next were on a plane and are pressed with the board and light weight for 48 hours. Dried 5-6 days, and smoked at a temperature of 20-25 C for 4-5 days.
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01 Dec 2002


I love your site. More precisely winter recipes with meat. Many books I have made recipes, but he never explained how it works, the *smoke* of 25 C for 4-5 days not. Please explain to me.

Smoking traditionally happens in the chimney above the fireplace. There are two types - slow (cold) at 25-30 C and fast (warm) at 70-80 C temperature of the smoke, which depends on the power of fire and the height at which they are attached sausages. Except home can be asked in a sausage factory - industrial machines are used - whether they smoked poultry sausages.