Apple pie Milka

Submitted by enr on 06 Feb 2011
500 g puff pastry
400 g cream
5 eggs
5 tbsp sugar
4-5 apples
Apple pie Milka
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Apples are peeled, cleaned of seeds and cut into thin slices. Wetting oblong tray and roll out the dough. On tests put together slices of apples. Mixed with gentle stirring the eggs, sugar and cream and pour over the apples. Bake in a moderate oven. Once cool, cut and served with coffee.
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06 Feb 2011


Mariyanka behold the promised picture. Super is the cake.

Very tasty and beautiful! :) Thanks for the intellectual retsetspta! I replaced the liquid with sour cream, because that I found in the fridge, but that was great :) also put 3-4 teaspoons melted butter into the mixture for topping and sprinkled the top with plenty of almonds, mmm .. ate my fingers :) I'll put a picture.

Thank you both for your photos, and voda and shared changes ... next time I'll try it with your products ... but where was calling my husband .. because he's really more sweet. .. as a sugar ... so good ...

xaha :) yes it is :) and I'm the same opinion!

Today I made the cake with cream, became excellent! :) Oh, I forgot to say that both times I did it I used half the amount of said recipe puff pastry (here is sold in a pack of 2 sheets, total October 500g, and then I use only one) -raztochih sheet more thinly as you can stand baking pan (because I love a baked and less pastry top :) not missed again almonds and as always add one vaniliyka;) put still picture, this is our favorite cake now! Thanks again for the recipe!

Here are the photos a little late :) This cake is very easy, effective and delicious! Worth trying!

500 grams puff pastry in a row you put in a rectangular pan?

Yes, an order is placed, just lean on the baking pan, as I mentioned, I put only in October 250g, it boring to become Coated and longer to cover the baking pan, thus obtaining a baked crust.

before you can line up apples lightly browned crust testyanata ..

top can be sprinkled with almonds, ground nuts, I sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar ..