Buns with cheese

Submitted by enr on 12 Jan 2010
1 kg of flour
600 ml lukewarm water
42 g yeast
1 tbsp salt
250-300 g feta cheese
2-3 tbsp yogurt
2-3 eggs
3 tbsp flour
125 g butter
Buns with cheese
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Involved dough of the products and leave to rise for about half an hour. The feta cheese is crushed, add the eggs, yogurt and flour, mix well. The risen dough is rolled 2-3 wafers with a thickness of about 1 cm. Spread generously with melted butter on top and spread the filling. Wound on a roll and cut into pieces with a width of about 3-4 cm. Arranged in thoroughly greased with butter tray (with a diameter of 30-32 cm) tall and a little distance between them. Leave to rise and then coated with plenty of butter and beaten egg. Bake in preheated moderate oven.
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12 Jan 2010


Bravo! Very nice recipe! Imagine what will smell baking in the kitchen!

Yes recipe is nice. I do something similar but I call snails with cheese. Otherwise big yummy.

Last night I made them. Definitely a very good result! Photographs :)

nice recipe I make it similar but instead put soda water and put yogurt

are great

Very nice and successful recipe! For years, I'm doing my grandchildren and now will do for dinner! Little just order it!

is Super! My kids like many buns and my husband too.

A great recipe! Bravo!

stefanka, how you formed your buns? I now begin to do them will write then what is the result.

Hello, daniski! Well made of dough into small balls fist, raztochih them then coat them with butter sprinkled with stuffing. So I put 4 on one another. I cut in the middle of 8 but not completely. The resulting triangles spun them to one side. Incidentally, my baking pan in the shape of flower and maybe that's why it seems so. :)

Many thanks, Stefanka! And my great became, without eggs ... I did later discovered that no eggs in the fridge :). even a friend took 2 for children :).