Russian salad at home

Submitted by enr on 01 May 2009
mayonnaise (maybe homemade)
boiled potatoes
larded salami or ham
cooked carrots
thawed peas
boiled eggs
Russian salad at home
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All cut into cubes, add salt and stir with mayonnaise.
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01 May 2009


Krasin very easy and delicious.

Yes! When I have time regularly do, because I am a lover of home-made.

can be used canned peas. Do it without eggs possibly use for decoration. Prepared with homemade mayonnaise is even more delicious.

and I so I'm doing, classic

Dear ladies many beautiful photos you've uploaded. Are wonderful!

I spent years trying to make it perfect. Finally I discovered (by accident) the *secret*: mayonnaise flavored with pepper and her make up part of the marinade pickles, Mix with wire to a smooth cream and then mixed with the products. Good potatoes are still warm, and until cool, take the cream thickens and salad.

Very beautiful decorations, PassionFlower! Bravo! Can you share if there is any subtlety in making this beautiful rose or just dexterity :). Thank you in advance!

Just great, I made mayonnaise way Aliana and really get much better :)

It was the first floor which Salbi prepared, cook recently - imaya no two years. And then I was a regular visitor but soon and registered to you. Recipes learned from you, Arrangements Russians. And thanks to all of you I can prepare some things.

rating is for Didi, very beautiful salads you did, stats and teachers!

Potatoes them chopped and then boil them with water and salt, so brew and peas if not can, take your salt and becomes delicious!

and I in syshtiya way boil without knowing that so should - I peel a good telepathic Sym they called, well that's you - I learned to prepare a few things, I love you very much

Wonderful decoration again, Didi! Congratulations! A great pleasure to see so well decorated salads!

Flowers - thank you so much for helping me out every ROUTES and encouraged me, pregrydka and gratitude you send from BG

Thanks Desi - this was my FIRST prepared salad which was Advent workout

One of our favorite salads (and for New Year's Eve is mandatory). Served in baskets of dough.

ELTI - very sweet bells for many years you all

Leleeeeeeee, it was not a picture to describe it! Incredibly sweet picture just no words to describe how much I like the image of Ivan Milanova bravooo!

And I boil potatoes as steffanell pre-cut, but do not put cooked carrots and do their acidic as cucumbers, but not marinated only with salt and water. And without eggs and peas, eggs only for decoration. Must be done at Christmas and New Year.

great reverence is this salad at home. Tolerate any options.

One of my favorite salads at home. :) I personally prefer it without eggs, mayonnaise and put in as little amount of yogurt and a little mustard. Also add and apple (recommended me to try). At first it felt strange and that I would not like it, but trust with apple salad is even more awesome. :) Happy Holidays!

In our country, is also a favorite salad holidays! :) I do not brew carrots. Use of raw carrots pickles (they are targets as pickles in barrel). Do not cut the cooked potatoes and grind them, the machine for grinding meat (mince). At home, always make industrial quantities of salad! Hopefully think of 31 to photograph it. Cheerfully welcome the New Year! ;)

I love this salad, pozastudya time and order of teshkite salads.