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Calf (pork) Kapama
Rating: 9
Difficulty: Average
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Added by pepita817
  • Add to shopping list350-400 g beef or pork
  • Add to shopping list6-8 large onions
  • Add to shopping list8-10 cloves of garlic (not stripped)
  • Add to shopping list100 g of red wine
  • Add to shopping list3-4 grains allspice
  • Add to shopping list8-10 grains of pepper
  • Add to shopping list1 bay leaf
  • Add to shopping listpaprika, salt, sugar
  • Add to shopping listsunflower oil
  • Add to shopping listprunes optional
Preparation method
Luke and the meat is cut into large pieces. At the bottom of the pan put the oil. Sorting 3 layers - the first half of the onion (to cover the bottom), then meat and finally the other half of the onion (to cover the meat). Put all remaining products and water, the water must be at the level of the products and leave the slow fire to simmer the dish. If at the end seems rare dish, fuzzy little flour and water and add them.
Published by by pepita817 on 23 November 2012
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