Sponge cake with eclairs

Submitted by enr on 01 Nov 2013
8-12 eclairs (with milk cream), depending on the size
5 eggs
10 tbsp sugar
10 tbsp flour
2-3 tbsp cocoa
10 g baking powder
2 vanilla
4 tbsp sunflower oil
Sponge cake with eclairs
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Beat eggs with sugar until white. Add the sifted cocoa flour, baking powder and vanilla. Stir briefly and add the oil. Namaslyava is shaped cakes and sprinkle with flour. Pour 1/3 of the mixture and lining eclairste. Carefully add the remaining mixture, cover eclairste. Bake at 180C until ready.
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01 Nov 2013


Bravo Reni great performance, a beautiful image as always. Congratulations.

in Reni no doubt in it even surpasses the classics, from a cunningly clever, and pictures for no words, like my 3D quality and zoom straight to eat it, master everywhere, the arrangement is without error. With both hands, they greet and try to know, even today I can even if the store has it eclairs soil, but your results will not be surpassed know I will fail

Thank you flowers! :)

Thanks for the compliments Petya! And I saw the recipe I rushed immediately to buy puff pastry cake :) I did later in the evening, I cut it the next day, however, finally ... it ate at night :) :) I'm waiting to do and share results :)

Mmmm, Reni come to visit you! :)

Beauty, I can look down from the picture! :) I can only regret that the household do not like eclairs. Otherwise I'd tidy. But you never know, you may prezhalya as show them the picture ?! ;)

Pepi, hurry up! :)

Thank you, Bobby! :) If the household is prezhali experience (the pictures), it will be the biggest compliment for me :) :)

cake is great! I did it with purchased mini eclairs. But some of the whites, although put them in the form of tips down, the cream when baked out and then stuck inside hollow. A look at the pictures, there is no such problem. But nevertheless recipe worth it!

didi33, I'm glad you liked the cake! :) I did it with 8 pcs. eclairs (so were in the baking pan). I told them in a row, close together. Perfectly fit the size cakes my form (diameter 23 cm. ). I had no problem with the expiry of cream in baking. I was impressed and that whites I used were very well filled (almost had cavities) and when I cut the cake, the cream was thick enough.

Reni, I prepared the cake and it was delicious. I had the same problem as didi33 - to me too expired stuffing of eclairs. Apparently whites that I used were not good. Very nice and original recipe. Greetings! :)

Miroslava he cake that is delicious, no dispute :) but why so obtained with the cream, do not stop to wonder :( For me there were no leaks :)

Reni, congratulation for the recipe, the cake looks great and will definitely do it as soon as possible. I think that some of them made with puff pastry cream instead of milk and for that expire in baking :)

Thank you, Willy! :) I'll wait with impatience! :) Thanks and that reminded me of cream. It's likely that this is the reason for the termination (my profiteroles were with milk cream).

Oh, after such pictures it is difficult not to make this yummy! Rennie again congratulations - and shared a recipe for the wonderful pictures! :)

Thank you, Ina! :)

Rennie, the cake is great! All at home were pleased! :) I had no problems with the cream of whites. My also were with milk cream !! :)

Oh, Nelly straight relieved when I saw your picture :) Already I was worried about this cream (why so expires). Apparently matter what (and assuming Villas) butter or milk. I will note that in the recipe. I am very glad that you liked the cake! :) Photo you great! :)

Thank you, Reni! :)

From the excitement got to admit Misspellings: I was already worried ... :)

If you can share eclairs from which company are? I personally use puff pastry purchased from workshop to fresh cream and May was cream. Must share that remained 2-3 pieces of cake I put in a plastic bag and the next day the cake was still nice and fluffy.

didi33, I never paid attention to any of the company are. I'll check in the store where I bought them (hopefully not) and will tell you :) I know and Nelly (nela111) they bought from pastry shop, so you can not be the same as mine. But surely we are both used with milk cream puff.

didi33, checked for eclairs :) by Drenowski company self *Milena 98* LTD.

Reni, thanks! I will seek with milk cream from the store and hope the label to write what is the cream!

Rennie, great cake! Two pieces in this tidy, all colleagues who celebrated the Baja fascinated! The lack of picture will excuse me, there was no way simple. Third cake, which is to do will definitely complement the photographs to the recipe! :)

Pepi excuse for the lack of photos (only because the cake has liked all) :) :)

In Sofia, Sofia. Simeonovo a small workshop specialized for eclairs. These are the tastiest I've tried from finished.

This time it cakes baked in a rectangular shape. Ordered whites without empty 1/3 of the mixture (straight to / at the bottom of the form and poured out all the above mixture). So when baked eclairs not tried to emerge :)

Reni another beautiful, amazing and tempting, festive picture.

Thank you, flowers :)

It is very beautiful, very much! How to eat .. just to watch will eat, I love the picture is wonderful!

Rossi, I felt wonderful comments from you :) Thanks!

cake became WOW! Upload photos.

Svetlana, I liked how you decorated the cake! And the pictures are great :) Well done!

Thank you, Rennie :)

Svetlana, again great picture! :)

Thank you - again :)

I have not done it, I had forgotten (well, my son reminded me) :)