Chocolate roll without flour

Submitted by enr on 15 May 2011
4 eggs
120 g dark chocolate
6 tbsp sugar
pinch of salt
2 tbsp instant coffee (dissolved ready coffee)
# For the cream:
200 ml liquid sweet cream
180 g chocolate without nuts (natural or white)
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Chocolate roll without flour
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Swamp: instant coffee, pour some hot water and leave to cool. Whip with 4 tbsp sugar and a pinch of salt. Yolks are broken with 2 tbsp sugar. Dark chocolate was melted on a water bath, without boiling, cooled slightly, and while still liquid is added to the yolks, with stirring, was added and also coffee. Add and egg whites. Mix well and bake in a rectangular tray 30/40 pre bottom of which is covered with baking paper in a preheated oven at 180 C for 15-20 minutes. On the 15th minute check with a stick, if dry - well, if not bake a few more minutes. Baked base is placed on a damp cloth (not wet and humid), cover with another towel and leave to cool for several hours. Had grown cold base is coated with up the cold cream and rolled up very carefully and simultaneously come off the paper. Stays for at least two hours in the refrigerator. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. CREAM: Cream is heated without the boil and it puts a broken chocolate to melt. Stir occasionally for a better homogenization and left to cool down to room temperature. Cold cream cool in the refrigerator. Mix with mixer on high and it is smeared the base. * You can bake two as the base for cake.
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15 May 2011


I, I poured chocolate and grated chocolate, but cold hard cut fine pieces, it is enough chocolate and powdered sugar is better.

Nelly try a hot knife to cut the roll, I think it will be nice pieces.

akva7, so thanks for the good advice, just today I have a feast and cake with a cake and such advise you is very useful and time, thanks :)

Neli1100, very tasty proposal. Cake layer without flour is fickle, but will try to do it. This cream will be a big delicious meals.

I can not fickle, I made a cake is received again. But tasty, and delicious, all guests ate cake and loved it. Will upload my picture and the cake and pieces.

decoration of My Little Pony, right? Very nice!

Yes, Rally :)

Very appetizing offer. So far I have not done a cake without flour - you know me *bright* why the latter must without flour are capricious - what exactly are obtained? I think it will be great for chocolate lovers like me :)

Sunny, I personally several times I did in this recipe and I do not require anything special except to cool and nice to touch very carefully, because they are very fragile. The recipe is described in great detail, try it out for yourself, it's not that complicated and capricious, but rather very tasty :)

I love this recipe! Again an interesting and beautiful cake us imagine, Nelly, bravo! I want to ask whether the design of the roll is easy and whether you receive neat roll round without breaks swamps? Thank you in advance for your answer!

roll is obtained successfully, but the cloth should not be too wet and damp and must be cool, nice to cinch chocolate. Carefully handled because it is very fragile. Try not scary, the first time if it does not -will be eaten by his second wind it.

My worries about the marshes proved futile. Everything was very well received. Baking time is very accurate - on the 15th minute the latter must have been prepared. I did not roll, and cake and is very very, very very tasty. Thank you, neli1100, for a great recipe. I like the fact that it is low carb.

Elti, great photos added! I am very glad that everything was fine and the end result and you liked the taste you :)

Yesterday I did roll. The taste is amazing and delicious we like, but kind of could not bring him. Marshes my stick baking paper and a little tough it detached. Any ideas why this is true? I think it might be from the water in which I opened the coffee, maybe it was plenty. Because it is not written in how much water should be dissolved, I decided that 1/2 cup good, but is it so?

nancy, I often do this dessert (but in the form of cake for the cake) and yesterday I did it again (but I have not yet processed the photos). And this time I lost my hand and poured more water to the coffee (but not as much as you - more like 1/4 cup). I stuck to the paper, but only at one end. The latter must have been my different (more gletavo-chocolate). On the palate, it was gorgeous, but I'm sure that the water came difference. Another time I put about 2 tablespoons. I guess neli1100 will also be involved, but I wanted to share what happened to me.

Thank you Elti response. Apparently really is water, because my cake became just as you wrote (in gletavo-chocolate), but next time I'll know and I'll do it with less water. A cake, two separate swamps and more cream you have to do?

nancy, now I see your comment hard to take it off because you must be very wet towel, and for gletaviya taste is really much water is to be put two tablespoons already dissolved coffee. We apologize for any ambiguity in the recipe.

Elti, SAVE COMMENT AND YOU YOU useful. Marshes without flour and is not so cuddly as Sponge, but again becomes soft eggs, we at home too much like him.

nancy, of that amount I roast two separate swamps (in shape with a diameter of 25 cm). Cream recipe is sufficient for these two boards. Cake becomes low. For greater will have a double dose. Oh, I worked on it yesterday, and today the comments again I feel like eating - when I think how melts in your mouth. neli1100, your recipe is very nice, thank you to share it.

Thank you for the clarification. Next time I'll be careful with water and this time I do it in the form of cake. Cake is really great and I thank neli1100 for delicious recipe.

did not last much and did it again. Sumptuous dessert.

Elti, thanks for the wonderful pictures. Thereon shows that Stan Specs MASTER! Enjoy your meal!

With the addition of 1 1/2 tablespoons flour get super dessert for now look! Whether we will appeal and taste will write tomorrow! Restful night at all!

As promised, divide opinion and taste .. GREAT DESSERT! Bravo for the recipe! It remains to Favorites!

I tried the cake with white cream. It is irresistibly tasty, but quite sweet. Me with dark chocolate I like more.

Elti, looking like the photo that you add and you cake has received little gletav ...? And to me the result was the same, I thought that something I'm confused. I read in this recipe similar to that add a little baking powder 1 1/2 tablespoons flour, what do you think?

I've had and gletav, but now I get better. I really stuck on the knife when cutting and so it seems, but it was gletav. This recipe I like her and to get :) I do not know whether the baking powder and flour will not change the melting taste (to me he is my favorite).

I think the picture of the cake Elti, did not seem gletav. Should not get gletavo if comply recipe and method of baking. THIS IS NOT A Sponge swamp to make a plume. Spoon flour and half, not much should change the recipe. GOOD IDEA -This is a new recipe.

unique recipe! Prepared it as a cake! ...

Thanks for the good reviews, very glad! Thank you for the pictures!

Nell cake with sugar coat how we do - directly on the cream you put it or plastered cake with buttercream? Today baked 4 marshes, tomorrow will assemble them into a cake and I want to cover with fondant.

Yoanka, allowing you to answer and I :) cream is Ghana. On Ghana can easily be put fondant. Seamless in the sense that ganashat not contain water and melt Fund. But ganashat and cream should be perfectly smooth. With described ratio for Ghana, it would happen seamlessly. However, I use much tighter Ghana, which carries weight and decoration, and it should work more accurately and quickly. This cream is light and if you want more ornate, will succumb. If you are interested to get the recipe for Ghana and subjected to such a filling for cakes with lots of decoration.

Rally, thank you very much for the fast and comprehensive response. Totrata will be on two floors and the top will be this recipe. Decoration fabricate her still, but will not be lavish and hope to endure. Last night cream and the latter must have prepared and will shortly be passed to the assembly. I will report the result.

Before I broke a little cold cream, but became strange - stands as a truncated - what happened to him, I have no idea, I have not broken long, I wonder what to do? Anyone have any idea?

Before you break was very smooth and thick, and is now rare and bran :(

Rally, many ask you to give me the recipe for ganazha that you have. Will use it to smooth the cake. Now he assembled and is something indescribable - wrestle with cake, cream ... but I believe that I can win, I can not allow to become a failure because I have no time to start all over again.

cream can be warmed until it becomes liquid again, to cool in the refrigerator and izbiesh again. But I guess it's too late. Recipe for Ghana plaster you sent. Good luck, my dear!

Thank you, Rally!

Rally, thanks for that answer the sladki64e! sladki64e, I apologize for the fact that I am not able to react on time! Rally is the man who can give you sound advice, always.

Nelly, thanks to the rally managed to smooth cake. She gave me the recipe for cream suitable for this purpose. Other cream went just padding (obviously I am very put). Cake appeal to everyone, even those who are not fans of chocolate. Great recipe! Thank you!