Hummus-pate - II type

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2009
250 g dry chickpeas or 500 g of tin
8 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp tahini (sesame paste)
1/2 tsp ground cumin
cayenne pepper optional
Hummus-pate - II type
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Chickpeas soak the evening, boiled and drained. The water from boiling is maintained. If canned, water is also saved. Chickpeas are pureed, add all other ingredients. Table should be smooth, dense, but pipette by turning the spoon. If it is too thick, add water from boiling. Formed in the plate garnish is optional. Often in serving offer full leaves of parsley, which melts of humus. In some households use yogurt to achieve the desired density. Hummus means Jewish and Arab just Chickpeas.
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07 Jan 2009


I never ate chickpeas, but the pictures look ... May we will look at the shops!

became almost as it've eaten throughout the Arab world. In my opinion, have much more to add lemon, tolerate and plenty of olive oil. And for those who decide to do so - boil the chickpeas well really well because otherwise you will spoil the true taste

chickpea is sold in cans almost every big store, Reference English e chick peas. and the recipe is very good and easy - it is a pleasure to prepare and the more you eat :)

I did it, but you can not find tahini. I searched in Arab stands hypermarkets, but I found, was to check the Moroccan shops hopefully find. But without tahini I liked.

I put a little ground cumin, caraway and not on top if I sprinkle with sumac spice. Great to eat, but super caloric unfortunately

Sell it ready just open the box and a little olive oil and voila! I do not know whether it is in Bulgaria perhaps in Arab shops!

Of course I put cumin, caraway and not ... My problem was that I learned to cook outside Bulgaria and I was not aware of the names of some spices of Bulgarian language. Then looking to translate the Internet or dictionaries, and if they were wrong - done wrong. So in this recipe puts what is put in kebapchetata, ie cumin. I just made it, it is best hummusat to stand at least 1-2 days before serving to blend the flavors good.

And I did today I present our table almost every day, many love it.

I want to add that according to the latest insights my best and chickpeas from a can be cooked further - until chickpeas cracked and step from start to crumble. Furthermore, the last time I played and remove flakes of each individual grain! Great game, especially since I did a quadruple dose! But the result was velvety texture! Good luck to all who decide to try the recipe :)

I followed the advice of the comments before me and give great thanks for the recipe :)

:) Nevi, bon appetit! Hummusat is something always worth it, at least to me and my people. Glad not be disappointed and your fancy :)

Rally, really get much better, as you said peeled chickpeas (least I did) and then it posvarih another 15-20 minutes (canned was) very smooth camp. It's a bit thick, you may have to add more water ... I put him and a little cayenne pepper that are lovers :)

Yes, you can add water or diluted with yogurt, olive oil or just water if you do not deal otherwise. I tried to explain the correct density must be dripping from the spoon. But of course the most important is the taste :) There is no wrong person, everything is fine :)

Hummus became chudesenYa Chak surprised how easy it is, and even tasty. Thanks for the recipe!

Gerganche, enjoy! Hummus is very useful if you enter it in calorie plan. A lot of protein, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. And a lot of calories, but they can be *spent*:) During Lent is an ideal substitute for meat :)

Rally, many thanks for the advice. I usually buy ready humus from the store, but this is much more delicious!

Thanks for the recipe! Very tasty and useful!

I am glad that I was useful :)

Several times already I prepare pate and his avid fan! Use dry chickpeas. Brew it in a pressure cooker for 40 minutes. As it cooled down rub hands to remove skins. If you stay here and there, waving them further. My blender is weak, so the first chickpeas puree with a hand blender and then add the other ingredients and blend. Great appetizer and breakfast with toast and some sprinkled on top - olives, tomato, krastivichka, radish and so on.

Ina, sweet, wonderful photos! Thank you! :) Glad you like the recipe, Arabic cuisine is wonderful and deserves to be appreciated. Thanks for the nice and helpful comments! :)

one of the best appetizers for bira..i not only;)

Just get me though is weak blender, and I peeled chickpeas in advance. Canned 400 grams get ready product around 430 grams, just as it should thick. Slowed with some liquid, and two tablespoons of yogurt ... I rules humus years ago, but this recipe is the most accurate! For your information here and look put chilies, nuts and ... almost can not find natural, so you have to do it :)

And here again to ask if he could make a paste with flour of chickpeas? :)

You put two and half hours. H. Water to boil, pour 3/4. H. Gram flour and stir. As the mixture boil, reduce heat and keep mixing for a few minutes until a thick paste, remove from the fire and leave to cool. Then pureed in blender / processor / chopper and driving down the recipe. You may need to set the spices, but will be in amounts similar to those set in the recipe. If it is very thick put a little broth or just water. Good luck and say how it obtained if the sample :)

Oh, thank you very much, gave me this indication for faster cooking :) I'll do it in soon, but wait to see if the lemons will not jump the price of caviar :)

Thank Nevi response. I personally I have not done with flour and I intend to try. Nistina will be a great convenience.

I will try :) I have tahini (Raleigh, incidentally not only tahini :)), only to find lemons at a decent price, as mentioned below :)