Lasagna with minced meat and bechamel sauce

Submitted by enr on 28 Aug 2008
250 g ready lasagna sheets (1 package)
250-300 g minced meat
1 onion
250 g crushed tomatoes canned
# For the sauce bechamel:
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
4-5 tbsp flour
300 ml milk
Lasagna with minced meat and bechamel sauce
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Chop finely and together with the sauce of tomato stew gently. Add the minced meat and stir well, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste and allow to thicken. In another vessel, a Bechamel sauce - put it on the oil to become hot and it fry flour to redness and add the milk. Stir until the sauce thickens and becomes homogeneous, seasoned with a little salt and pepper and remove from heat. Sheets are prepared according to package directions. Lining up in the tray by soil order sheets on top of tomato sauce with minced meat, béchamel sauce on it and so until the products being ends with sheet, covered only with bechamel sauce. Sprinkle with plenty of grated cheese and bake in a moderate oven for 30-40 minutes.
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28 Aug 2008


Puts you a little water before being put to bake?

Do not put sauce itself is sufficient, as previously peel boiled in water for 1 2 minutes. Place the first row sheet, and then one after the other sauce, so to the end.

sauce is not made with 100 ml of milk and at least 1/2 l.

use sheet without pretreatment. Make tomato sauce slightly rare and moisten them and not remain raw. So save yourself some time to prepare.

I do not recommend the peel to boil because very easily stick together and then not come off and the sauce should be very nice to soak it will not happen.

ladies sure that you can peel not cook because I brew them and still get angry that my stick and waste a lot of time, I'm trying not to brew

How to prepare sheet best read on the package. There peel, which need no pre-cooking, there are those who have.

I do not brew peel advance. Sauces enough irrigate them, and grated cheese on top also granted them. Milk for beshameloviya sauce should be at least 800 ml himself sauce is prepared with butter, not oil.

made dish recipe, I added to the minced meat and cumin, oregano, basil. For the sauce I went to 500 ml of milk, but I used real milk from real cow and lasagna became incredibly creamy, filling and delicious! My boyfriend and his parents were really impressed with the dish, the way nobody could you eat half a plate because very filling, but the next day to eat everything, damn tasty became, thanks for the wonderful recipe! :)

I'm glad you like it and thanks for the pictures.

cortices just before uttering them put them in hot water for 2 minutes and then arrange them. Sosa do it with 1 l. 5-6 with milk. L flour. Tostatachno put it to dovaryat sheet during baking.

A successful recipe. Incredible yummy. Go for it.

At 500g. peel to put beshamelov sauce 60g. butter 60g. flour and 1l. -1. 2L milk. Tonight I do :)

I I worked on it again, and let photos, gorgeous rose, this time not as liquid as the last, or again put 400 g canned tomatoes, 500 grams of minced meat to 450g lasagne sheets, 500 ml milk, amazing happened!

very well received. Risked doing it for the first time guest, but became very successful and I am pleased.

Again I worked on it - fast, easy and very tasty. My best man so like it, I'm calling for the recipe and he was doing, but bought some frozen pastry and not be received well. My Barilla were 500 g and took me two times. My first was a little more fluid, but is corrected. And in both cases sweep up pretty quickly.

just in January prepared lasagna, it was superb! I am not pre-soak the sheet and made plenty of Bechamel sauce, I think the recipe is small and will not reach! And will upload photos later.

When using sheets without cooking, must be increased twice sauce.

Last night I did it again this lasagna guest impressed - very nice happened!

often make lasagna in much the same way and RESULTS dwell time is the same - incredible ... Next time I'll get pictures and I

Great lasagna! I make it in several times and all home are fascinated by it!

Great became a regular on the weekly menu.

I just had tested recipe, but still bake and I can not say what is the end result :) What bothers me is that the bechamel sauce was my very thick, straight like a mess. I kept the proportions, however. So there must be something or I'm wrong in doing?

I have a great desire to do, I've never had to ask: do not sheet are boiled béchamel sauce double of that above and peel row row tomato sauce, peel and then again and bechamel or on tomatoes and bechamel? Do I understand correctly?

Beshemela must be liquid and not thick and liquid from the sauce and beshemela be below last upper crust.

I make it in several times and the result is always excellent! :) I add to the minced meat and a little cumin and savory. A mushrooms to the sauce and 1-2 cloves of garlic. Bechamel sauce do with 400ml milk is not as thick and tender sheet well. Soon you'll get a picture. :)

At home too often made lasagna. I personally rinds put them in boiling water for two moments (whether the package says, without boiling), in contrast, make a thick béchamel.

Bechamel sauce do not liquid and do as prepared Bechamel sauce and me always gets great lasagna.

sheet you need pretreatment thing of my not write in Bulgarian and do not know if you can directly uttering them in the baking pan

aaa saw lower in comments that should not be boiled do not stick, so harsh will put

became great, and put pictures

It was. I made home. rchdak sauce and bechamel on thick. I have not done anything on the sheet.

Yesterday prepared lasagna, it has long been in my menu, but yesterday I had some mushrooms and decided to use them and them put them in the lasagna and it was great but it is so great.

first put a little oil underneath, then bechamel sauce, then order sheets - not treat them in any way, then continue to rotate sauces and so to run out of products - 4ri order is recommended. I've been in Italy for a long time and from there I got used to lay eggs, cheese, mushrooms and did a lot to experiment :)

here today prepared for dinner! Like us!

Incredible! My husband loved it

made tomato sauce 850g tomato sauce Béchamel double dose. It was great.

Yesterday I made lasagna, but forgot to write only made a picture that noo taste he knows how delicious and easy let alone.

really tasty! Only sauce I got a little thick and became a little dry, but still ate it. Next time I will do a little more tomato sauce and bechamel more. Otherwise, the recipe is super and very easy to implement. Thank you!

I made lasagna tonight! Was a smash hit, especially with my little thug who is quite fickle! Thank you! As some of the comments say - put extra tomatoes and did a double dose of sauce. Once again - thank you!

lasagna was very tasty! Sosa did it with a liter of milk and get a very juicy. Thank you.

lasagna is great! For the first time I'm doing it and I'm very pleased with the outcome and the recipe. I added a little garlic to the onion and chopped parsley stalks. In tomato sauce and put about 50 ml. white wine. Thank you for the recipe! :)

I am glad that you liked it also is a favorite in my house.

I have a question, my sheets are square and do not have such a baking pan and wonder if you put them in a round that will get me there will be leak sauce?

can not order lasagna square in a round baking pan - will leak, it is best rectangular sheets in a rectangular pan. You can still use them as a fill baking pan full - careful stacking sheet to cover the whole area and the edges may be necessary for you to break off pieces to fit better. At the end lasagna you may be slightly uneven, but it will still be delicious.

I always lasagna in a round pan as I rectangular. Peel my rectangular and not snag. When the sauce thickens (though it has flour) no problem :)

For the first time cook lasagna and it was great, as I reviewed the comments and made double sauces :) Very good recipe, you will not be sorry

Very tasty! *