Tomato sauce for pasta

Submitted by enr on 12 Mar 2012
1 cup tomato juice
3-4 sprigs of parsley (basil)
1 head of garlic
sunflower oil for frying
savory, salt
Tomato sauce for pasta
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Smashed head garlic cloves, but do not peel them. So fried them in sunflower oil until golden. As cool peel and finely. Cut and parsley. Tomato juice, parsley, garlic leave to simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Salt and savory (optional) to taste.
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12 Mar 2012


nice but pelvis savory no place in Italian cuisine, only this basil sauce with Chubrika put nashto flag.

Right. No need of any dish is Merodach. Moreover, it is placed to Italian cuisine. Italians enjoy savory.

I uploaded it because garlic because it is worth to try fried ... every taste. My friend lived 8 years in Italy / I almost one year / and I found kurusi, where is tolko demanding on pasta :)

The fact how much years and where he lives does not mean anything if you pobalgaryava all meals and does not care about the authenticity of the dishes. This garlic do sometimes, just because some varieties of garlic peel hard, but this method only clench fried clove and scales you have left in your hand without having to peel hard and his smelly fingers. Taste not play a role.

Savory, the one that we use is so on. Winter savory in Italy is absurd to find it. Its odor is very specific and different from other savory. It is true that in Italy there are savory, which is like thyme and oregano, but not used as a sauce for pasta, but rather say for beans.

nina_159, not about the quality of the recipe and the taste of the sauce - tomato sauce, what's wrong. The point is that you put it in Italian cuisine, and hardly is right place there. That is tomato sauce for pasta, do not do Italian, not bad to have a savory, not simply be attributed to the traditional cuisine. If you put your nationality - unspecified, would be appropriate.