Yellow rice Chinese

Submitted by enr on 26 Sep 2010
2 cups Rice
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp vegetable seasoning
Yellow rice Chinese
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Rice soak for several hours in water. In a pan heat the oil and fry it drained soaked rice. To it was added a handful of minced meat cabbage, shredded carrot and vegetable seasoning. Fry until visibly rice is fried (separated on beads and browned at the edges) with continuous stirring for about 5 minutes. When the rice is fried, add 2 cups water and stirred. So leak water over low heat, occasionally stirring. You can add sprouts, mushrooms, eggs and more.
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26 Sep 2010


Here is a varied recipe with rice, which is quick and easy. Will surprise my cousin. She is crazy about the rice.

Try it, it really fast, and the taste will tell.

of all experiments with paddy fields I have ever done to bring taste as this rice in Chinese restaurants, this recipe finally approaches me if not 100% then at least 95% to the covenant rice. Thanks so much that ended my wandering around all sorts of others. recipes for Chinese rice

my husband also determined that rice about 95% to the Chinese that you purchase, I also thought what is different, so we ordered and ate a spoonful of both and decided that the Chinese have an idea some severe smell of cloth ,, ,, -with apologies is so old or moisture.

can you tell me what is this vegetable seasoning, because I want to recreate most Chinese rice restaurants

After the aircraft. Positive results can not not try :), excluding tomatoes with rice in all other variants adore it! Thanks for the recipe!

I use vegetable seasoning PIKANTINA

thumbs recipe really become very good rice!

Very good recipe! Indeed it as made in China! Tasty!

Many successful recipe! I added a little chicken mestse - became great! Thank you! We'll get a picture.

Here is my version of the Indian rather than Chinese rice but prepared this recipe. When fried rice just added chopped carrot, red pepper, a handful of peas, curry and Zafer. Thus rice gets really juicy and not dry. And I forgot to say that finally after turning off the stove add a little more olive oil

Nelly, congratulations for the recipe! Very tasty! I added only chicken.

Great rice used for a side dish to fried meatballs (great combination :))! Will definitely resort to the recipe regularly! :) :) :)

I tried the recipe, but it is not my taste :(

It was a unique, next time I'll add chicken meat and eggs. Will be regularly cooking for my beloved husband.

I did as perunika. Definitely we liked and often will do. As fried rice you add the eggs?

I added eggs as parzhih rice.