Banitsa fortune (hanging banitsa)

Submitted by enr on 28 Dec 2007
500 g ready peel
4 eggs
250 g feta cheese
2-3 tbsp yogurt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup lukewarm water
125 g butter
Banitsa fortune (hanging banitsa)
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Prepare the stuffing beaten eggs, crumbled feta cheese, yogurt, baking soda and lukewarm water. In not oiled tray is placed crust smeared with melted butter and put the filling 2-3 tbsp then second crust - again smeared with butter and stuffing and so to finish the sheet. At the top is covered with sheet and smeared with plenty of butter. Cut in pieces like a cake and each piece fits fortune wrapped in vellum (rice paper). Bake in a preheated oven for about 1 hour. Remove from the oven and turns on 4 bowls or cups - so as to rest on the edge of the tray. Cover with a towel to smother. Thus the banitsa become fluffy and do not settle after cooling.
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28 Dec 2007
Julia Nedeva


I do not understand how to do exactly this reversal.

I have not cooked, but I know that pie thus becomes very tasty and fluffy. The idea is that the whole baking pan, as it is with the pie, turn it upside-down and leaning on a few cups. Since the baking pan is not greased advance pie does not fall :) propped herself baking pan, not the pie - it hangs and does not spihva.

Very tasty pastry is obtained - sheet swell and resemble you washed pastry that is made in our region.

involves much delicious!

do not get something for this reversal of the pie already 3 recipe read this and do not wash clear exactly how can you for poyasnenniel

Vacekal, nothing complicated. You take three or four cups / as described in the recipe / and after baking pie turn it / upside down / on them. Then cover it with a towel to smother and remain mekichka. That's It is preferable not to bake in a Teflon pan.

You cut the pie to put luck. So cut pieces do not fall you paying?

It depends. Some people put fortunes between the peel before bake, others - on pieces. Do as you like. But surely prepared pie. No regrets.

Even today I will have pastry will do (for now no luck). But just in case I would put a baking pan under the pie before it turned. Maybe staying in a pie pan will be the luckiest. Will report on the effect and the result ... I promise ... Thanks ... :)

Do not worry, boldly turn the pie pan, but should not be oiled when the pie is cut into pieces, not cut to the very bottom. Nelly and made a great picture of how to make the conversion. But really so pastry does not fall and remains fluffy. Good luck!

I make it in chestichko and without fortune, great is

banichka is great. Became mekichka and juicy. I loved it.

You turn it, then you wrote that cover with a towel ... Should not before turning to a towel so it pay?

Cover after paying ... .. ie roof with bowls. If you do not deal with the conversion, after removal, spray her with some water and turn her with a towel, still going on.

Nina first seobrashta pie with bowls on the baking pan and then covered with cloth entire structure, which is a photo №1! Y S P E X

pie itself not you pour carbonated water (soda pop) and eggs or without gravy?

stuffing pie is sufficient to become very juicy pie. Above is covered with oil.

Thanks :) Today will prepare and hopefully be able to do that just never seem to get pies :) Happy celebration of the New Year!

I do not get a reversal, 5s. after he turned and began to fall so I had not caught her :(. I followed the recipe exactly, I'm not pan baking pan, but somewhere you can see I have reznala to the bottom.

Banitsa became great!

For the first time I made pie, which I to like :). Thanks for the nice recipe!

Good morning! Yesterday I tried to make the pie, but what happened? I followed the recipe exactly, but forgot to cut it into pieces and no luck :). Peko January almost one hour at conversion, however pie plopped on top. Does not hold even for a moment. Will be eaten up and crumpled, because it is delicious, but where you do wrong? Good day to all!

The two things that come as an idea why it is loose from the baking pan are greased pan or baking pan with non-stick coating.

Thanks for the quick response! Baking pan is not non-stick coating as a greased baking pan - I purposely do not namaznyavah. I guess inadvertently happened, and perhaps oil first sheet is passed and the baking pan. Next time will try to put the first two sheets without oil.

I'm sorry that I can not be more help, success next time.

My mother always paid so baking pans in our house all the pies were pending. While not buy a new stove and did not pie in walked her baking pan :) And it izsuhvat, as happened with yours, because my mother in cutting not cut all the way down to not scratch the new baking pan. So I think that is the problem - cut pie. In this situation, the stuffing does not reach the baking pan and can not serve as the *glue* between the first sheet and the bottom. Try next time maznesh by filling previously put the first sheet. It will stick to the pan. Watch is not all that much right, just glue :) I did not slice pies to bottom, keep your baking pans. And Grease a baking pan traps. Then naturally pass with chanterelle separates the pieces, but the baking pan as you soak, wash perfectly. Come success.

Good morning all! Yesterday I made the pie again, as complied with the advice of Aliana, turned it, and lo and behold it actually fell. He remained nice fluffy and taste the difference with the first was huge. Thanks for all the advice and controversial week!

Elijah very glad that I have been helpful :) Good appetite and your meal and this with sagging can do absolutely all the pies to make them fluffy :)