Twisted rolls of thread

Submitted by enr on 05 Apr 2010
1 kg white flour
500 ml buttermilk or kefir
200 ml sunflower oil
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
14 g of dry yeast
Twisted rolls of thread
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Flour mixed with yeast, mix well . Buttermilk (kefir) was warmed to body temperature pot, add salt, sugar and the oil and crashed. Put the flour, spoon by spoon, stirring with spiral mixers mixer. When putting the last meal was stirred for approximately 3-4 minutes. Allow to rise until doubled in volume. Desktop sprinkle with flour, pour the dough and knead lightly hands. Tear the dough balls as mandarins and by rubbing the palms form of wicks. The wicks are twisted around floured rolling pin or similar available object and push it onto the tray, covered with baking paper. Bake in preheated 200 C oven for 20 minutes until nice porumeneyat. Consume and hot and cold, and because they are neutral, fit with sweet and savory. In the pre-heated to about 50 C oven dough rise for about 15-20 minutes. You can form any figures. Everywhere are wrinkled, threads are obtained and are separated appetizing.
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05 Apr 2010


I loved this recipe and exactly what they are neotralni taste.

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Nelly, I'm glad you like the recipe. Rolls can sprinkle with poppy, sesame or caraway seeds, but then you need to be covered with yolk to hold. I have tried and I put pureed olives - green and black, are also very interesting to taste. There are no limits to the imagination:-)

Pardon the question, but what is this buttermilk and kefir I've never heard. Thank you.

buttermilk and kefir are fermented milk drinks are sour, sharp flavor, Kefir is slightly fizzy. Sold in pots of 500 ml by yoghurt. Some compare them to Ira, but the comparison in my opinion is irrelevant - the taste is very different. View and Wikipedia, there should have info:-)

Rally, and can it be replaced by something else? I liked the way of shaping cakes and necessarily want to do them! Thanks for the recipe!

Nelly, once were done with yogurt because it was the weekend and everything was closed. If you put ayran, see that it is a yogurt that has not eaten it, and do it 300 g of milk and 250 ml of water obtained as a volume of 500 ml. Warming him in the pot so. Put salt not because the recipe is enough. To report, hey:-)

Thank you, I just sour milk.

Thank you for your comprehensive response:-)

At home yogurt is not retained. In the sense that a lot of my people eat. I have the following question - can it be done with yogurt, which it eat? :) (I do not know if explained properly? )

Yes, I understand what you ask:-) Of course I can. Only the more sour, so more like buttermilk or kefir, that I meant, although a touch of taste, not at all alike. The final outcome of the texture does not play a role again become thread. The taste is a little different, that's the whole point. Ppobvay and report:-)

Well if you put 1 tbsp vinegar what will happen, I realized the difference chee in acidity, can you add vinegar?

Vinegar generally makes the dough firmer, suggesting that it is desirable to achieve those perfect beauties of dough.

I do not know, Nelly, I did not put ... Why not happen in the end? I'd tried, except that yesterday were done, they will penetrate the ears of my people, if you do them again:-) But I would not be afraid to try, will not deteriorate.

I bit them *pobalgarih* safe with sour kefir. Become very brittle, crunchy and delicious! Some sprinkled with susem, poppy / optional daughter /. Went much cheese and yogurt. The recipe is really worth! Once again - well done, Aliana !!!

Nelly, I am very glad that they have received and they liked you! This can be heard:-)

Rally, how do you deal with all your bakery delights and with my diet, I do not know;). And tried this recipe, but with sour buttermilk and whole wheat flour. Sprinkled them with sesame and poppy. Stanahaaa ... mutska!

Ive, I'm glad that you liked:-) And Diet - I do, but more than 1 serving not nab - so managed to venture;-)

Wonderful cakes have become! Not rated excellent way to put it would! Often you do them! Bravo and thank you for shared great recipe!

I am very glad that they were delicious, Iva:-)

Very tasty! All day nibbling them :).

I am very happy! :) To me recently I was left dough from skewers and I made them. Always fit :)

Along the winding skewers *discovered* this recipe :) I love the birds! Seems like every Moen flies :) What makes them so vigorous, Aliana? Is there any subtlety?

I am glad that you like, Dobby! The devil is in the paste. Prigitveno with buttermilk (buttermilk) dough *smoothes* samó after give it form. Therefore possible and very thin items which then appear as *sculpted*. I do not know whether this is the right word, I hope that you understand me :) If you decide to try - take note that the thinner figures do the shorter bake. Good luck!

Thank you very much! Will try them in due time!

These rolls are very tasty, the moment is eaten hot with cheese and tomatoes! Compliments from me and also from neighbors participants in the eating! Once smelled out to bake and a ring to see what is in the oven!

Thanks, Steph! I am very glad :)

ee made them finally have long been favorite but I did not want kefir found itbuttermilk this is right? were superb thanks for the recipe

Yes, Sibel, this is buttermilk, buttermilk, Buttermilch. Redvam much, my dear, have received :)

tomorrow po1vam them that now is the later

Many delicious buns. In komentar№15 I podkiselih buttermilk and kneadedmachine bread. Half dough used for winding skewers and other
I shaped half of buns. I will do them. Congratulations to the recipe.