Bread with dried tomatoes and onion

Submitted by enr on 13 Feb 2013
400 g white flour plus 50 g to knead
150 ml milk
50 ml water
3 eggs
3 tbsp pork lard
80 g butter
1/2 packet of dry yeast ( 500 g flour)
1 tbsp sugar
10 g dried tomatoes
3 onions
oregano, pepper and salt
Bread with dried tomatoes and onion
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To prepare the dough first dissolve the yeast in half fresh milk (heated milk to about 40C degrees). Add 1/2 cup flour and sugar. Stir well to obtain a thick paste. Leave to rise. Add the prepared mixture to other products - flour, water, remaining milk, eggs, oregano, softened butter and lard. Begin to knead. The dough should become elastic and soft. Leave it to rise (to double its size double). During this time, prepare the filling. Cut the onion and freckles strips dried tomatoes. In a heated pan with olive oil fry the onion until golden. Add dried tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper and a pinch of oregano. Roll out the dough thinly. Stuffing evenly on top. Turn roll. Cut the buns and arrange on a tray covered with baking paper. Coat them with egg on top and leave to rise again. Bake in preheated oven at 180C degrees for 20 minutes.
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13 Feb 2013