Mekitsi yeast and yogurt

Submitted by enr on 03 Mar 2012
1/3 cube of yeast (14 g)
5-6 tbsp yogurt
300 ml water
500 g flour
1 tbsp salt
Mekitsi yeast and yogurt
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Yeast sprinkled with a pinch of sugar and little water and let it rise. In a bowl mix yogurt, salt and water was added thereto effervescent yeast. Knead into a soft dough. Leave to rise. I personally interfere in the evening and go home in the refrigerator (but should be Thomas with sunflower oil) and fry it in the morning. This becomes dough and pizza.
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03 Mar 2012


I like the idea of ​​kneading the dough: evening! And without it earlier, smells of one of the best snacks on the table BG-MEKICHKI!

This recipe is unique. I did a double dose to half part pizza (doma6nite guests were struck), and others. half came in the chamber tomorrow morning for cakes.

Great mekichki become! This morning kneaded dough and izparzhih them into the house were all very pleased. May and next time I'll do a double dose. Thanks for the recipe.

recipe is great! I particularly liked that the dough is kneaded by the evening and the morning fry. Mekichkite were very tasty.

Well, what sored wrote the package of yeast, it should not be mixed with salt and / or sugar when added to flour. Or in this recipe uses yeast other than the living?

Tose, it is good to observe the manual, which has a packet of yeast. There are different brands and different directions. For example, I often use dry yeast. On each write packets to be added directly to the flour, other - / another producer / - to be dissolved in water and aged for a certain time prior to blending. I hope you useful :)

All the yeast is alive-is theme in the forum ...When cube fresh mix with sugar and enjoy, and leaving it rise and just test whether it is suitable. In dry yeast no problem to mix with dry ingredients, sugar, salt, and then the liquid essentials of writing on the packaging is to monitor what cups flour concerned.

Indeed, all the yeast is alive, the blurring of fresh yeast with a little hot liquid, sugar and / or flour to check more tradition than a necessity. Dry yeast can be one that does not need any treatment - only mixed with the flour, but there is one which must be dissolved in water in order to be activated.

Yeah I such use, where dissolved in lukewarm water and a packet write any salt and / or sugar directly into it, so I asked.

recipe is excellent. Tried in January

are given great cakes

Last night kneaded dough cakes were wonderful, and it even had a pizza!

mimetics, reaping great success today with cakes prepared by your recipe! Kneaded dough last night, in the morning I shaped into balls, stretched with oiled hands izparzhih and received wonderful mekichki crispy on the outside and inside of mekichki! Thanks for all the family shared a recipe! :) :) :)

eat my cakes but how long should it rise doughplease say

Polly, and I hasten to give advice :) kneaded dough on Friday evening just a recipe namaznih a plastic bag (with oil) and put the dough inside, tied firmly (I left a blank space for proving) and refrigerator . On Saturday morning premesih slightly, I shaped in balls and after 20 minutes transpired start frying mekichki. Tousle them with oiled hands! Success recipe is great :)

Pepi, eagerly wait to be free and storm in the kitchen! As I watch them with this crispy crust and mekichki inside, I can not check on them. Exactly our taste! :);)

Many are those yummy mekichki!

Pepi, I do thank you for the wonderful photos that made me do the cakes! :)

mimetics, many thanks for shared recipe! For years I had been fried cakes, but no longer :) They became so gorgeous! Just as they say Pepi and Bobby: crunchy on the outside and inside mekichki. I put the dough in 1. L. Brandy (not to take the cakes fried in fat) and you do not know what the reason, but really did not become greasy. In short, these are the best cakes we ate (and I did) :)

Reni, congratulations for the photo! :) Rig a new variety mekichki - fritters, are wonderful. ;)

Thank you, Bobby! Really get a new variety :) :)

Great mekichki were received - slightly crispy, fluffy and never took fat. Thanks for the recipe :) Mimi long I was wrong cakes, but all the pictures are so enticing that I could not resist the temptation. Omesih dough evening, I put it in an oily paper bag in the refrigerator in the morning just pulled it out and lightly greased hands with short pieces and shaping cakes. They were so delicious that I ate not even be able to shoot.