Muffins with bananas

Submitted by enr on 10 Mar 2009
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 bananas
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup butter (room temperature)
Muffins with bananas
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Stir well the sugar, the egg, the butter and mashed mashed bananas. Then adding the mixture to the dry ingredients and stirring gently. In mono muffins Apply the mixture to be filled to 2/3. Bake at 175 C 20-25 minutes.
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10 Mar 2009


I liked the recipe, as will soon make them. To favorites is!

I like it! Bookmark

I'm glad you like the recipe. :)

They are very nice.

I do like cake. Milk does not put you?

Milk Not exactly.

I want to try them!

Cool, I just want to ask where to fill baking pans? :)

Fill 2/3 of the baking pans.

found a dessert for today :)

oil should it be melted?

Desi, the oil is mild (room temperature)

great taste is received ... Bravo

Desi96 glad that you like. :)

Hello! How many muffins out of this fix?

From this dose go 12 muffins.

I will try them mandatory. My form of muffins for 12 pieces. And besides, as with bananas will surely like us.

I add chopped almonds and obtained very tasty :)

Thank you for the fabulous recipe! You can not be wrong, always receive great! Do not particularly good at making sweets, but these muffins only pride;-)

Today a lot of recipes tried :) I made this recipe, but in the form of cake. It was a well-many thanks :)

time ago I bought her shapes, chose this recipe and I was right! The result is seen in the picture, and the taste - will quote his nephew *aunt in good cakes, I was eaten!*

Girls thank you trusted my recipe! Iris muffins have become great, and very glad that they liked and your nephew!

muffins are gorgeous. Favorites are my little son. Several times already do and always satisfied my family. Thanks for the recipe.

were great :) now photograph them and adds them, only they will do now my son loves them :)

A little while ago came out of the oven. Are amazing! I filled them with melted chocolate with a little butter and mashed banana puree. Thanks for the recipe! :)

Melanie, beautiful Christmas picture! Bravo!

Bravo Melanie you're the youngest in this site and are doing very well, great Christmas picture!

Thank you! :)

were received very well, but I think I came a little baking soda in more. I try to 1/2 teaspoon, because as went cold felt a little more than I wanted. Otherwise great!

Ivv glad that you like. I recently as they do not put soda and baking powder just because I keep forgetting to buy soda. Again become good.

Great muffins! Today searched recipe because their children were doyali and came right at ten! Changed bit her because I had three bananas I put 2 and added another egg and became great fluffy!

I commend recipe - delicious, fluffy and pleasant were received muffins :) It was so filled all the forms for muffins, and remained little dough - added one more egg and put some chocolate pieces - came out 6 mafincheta yet with similar taste, again very successful :) Thanks again for the recipe!

Bravo! The recipe is excellent! Much liked by all home. Thank you! ;)

you must oven preheated?

Yes oven is preheated.

are great! Do them often! And sometimes add chocolate chips, are amazing! Thanks for the recipe! ;)

Hello, today I made them and were very nice, and I added par4entsa chocolate became super

Hello! For the first time I made muffins for the holidays and I used this recipe. I mean - is received wonderful! Thanks to the author for the nice recipe!

giurlq and djonsan glad that the muffins you like.

Hello! This recipe for me was the first attempt at making muffins! I can not praise them, because they were great! Thanks for the recipe!

Bravo! For the third time I've muffins and first became amazing. Extremely precise measures and great taste. Congratulations. And one vaprosche instead bananche can I make them with Cheese and Ham

Cheese, ham, or whatever you like! Always are!

Girls thank you for choosing to try my recipe.
guapisima60 I launched and a recipe for savory muffins are also very easy and delicious.

Many thanks. Once you try them you will write reviews, although I am sure it will be great!

A great recipe :) And for me it was the first muffins ... and got super!

Yesterday I tried the recipe and I got 18 cupcakes. Were scary mekichki and delicious. Put their chocolate and became even better. Great recipe! :)

Hello! I want to ask if I have a silicon mold, but only paper, a problem? I rub them with oil.

Paper shapes just to be more comfortable and beautiful finished muffins and is used in combination with shapes (silicone or metal) for baking and unfortunately are not suitable for baking alone - in the oven baking pans will be dissolved and the mixture will expire. If you do not and you can not find a form for muffins, I would recommend you to choose a cake with bananas and muffins leave now.

recipe is really good :) Try it again.