Banska Kapama

Submitted by enr on 29 Dec 2007
700 g pork
700 g veal
600 g chicken
150 g salo
400 g blood sausage
2 pickled cabbage
red wine
dough for smearing
Banska Kapama
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At the bottom of the ring stew 3-4 goals put cabbage leaves. Top rank dolmaschki cabbage, made from pieces of pork and veal. Cover with a layer of chopped sauerkraut. Sprinkle with paprika and some sliced ​​salo. Top put sliced ​​pieces veal again layer of sauerkraut, red pepper and salo. Then put pork layer sauerkraut, chicken layer sauerkraut. Top put the blood sausage, cut into large pieces. Insert the wine and water to the middle of the court. Close the lid and mortar with dough. Place in the oven and cook on medium heat for 3 hours. At first, it includes a hard until it boils, and then decreases.
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29 Dec 2007


I add some dry fennel seeds. But this is a matter of taste.

if put 3-5 goals and dry peppers, chili, it becomes very tasty

Kapama is a traditional Bulgarian national dish of Razlog, Southwestern Bulgaria. The word is Persian origin.
Cooked sauerkraut, rice, spices - black pepper, bay leaf and garlic, various types of meat (pork, beef, black pudding, sausage, chicken, rabbit, etc.), Add so-called Razlog *check* (red beet) or pickled beets.
This is what I found in Wikipedia about this amazing tasty dish. So it can be without veal ... only need to increase the weight of other types of meat or to put other meat.

one of the delicious dishes

Bravo great recipe!

I reduce to less than Blood Sausages and veal and put 2 pieces not too dry sausage and cumin. general can improvise a lot with this recipe, but the attention of kornrliq: Kapama is a Turkish word meaning POHLUPTNO - Stew and tursakata kitchen perstavlyava stew in a crock only beef with sauerkraut but Bulgar version is adapted in this way. This is my favorite meal and do it even in summer STS sterilized sauerkraut

I do kapama first and trusted this recipe not only put veal. For this purpose I bought this stew that my was smaller. Became superb. Next week will do again, I would put and veal. Just now I do it every week until I finished sauerkraut. Thanks for the great recipe. Super is.

Desi not overdo it as mint and I have made two consecutive weeks and guess we got tired, but every time I put different types of meat and sausage ... so every time is different. Good us old Bulgarian dishes, right?

Yes, it is, you're right. And next time I will make it different, not tired. I already know how. Thanks.

To be honest, not bored because I do very often, but because overeat - I admit it is very tempting empty - come spring will unload!

This recipe is far from kapama, which is made in Southwestern Bulgaria (Razlog, Bansko, Dobrinishte, etc. ). First with so much fluid, plus that which will release the cabbage will remain well water and kapama should just fat after opening the casseroles. Second - the main spices are cumin, black pepper, dill seed (Koprets), bay leaf, and in some regions put a handful dry prunes. Third - in Bansko put the check is not required, but the recipe is for Bansko Kapama. Fourth important - added fried rice (with or without onions seasoned with oil) until golden (if someone is playing to turn it in leaves) but he will absorb the water and wine. With this quantity of products will fill a large ring casseroles. If the cabbages are well drained of water and put about 1 cup of rice, you can add 1 cup of wine and to a maximum of half a glass of water. If leaves turn puts water swelling rice. Finally, even a little water left in casseroles, kapama smells of boiled meat with cabbage, do not allow it.

I agree with Yanek

I do kapama years without water, sometimes without wine, without even prefer bay leaf. With all the water in the sauerkraut and meat did not need more. Really better rice is fried because pulps. The dish is yummy, but kind of not very representative, if rice is not of leaves - at least to me it has gotten her a pig :), that does not stop eating it.

I do kapama without cover extra fluid. I admit - I sometimes get lazy to turn on cabbage leaves with rice, but when I do so of stuffed vine leaves is much tastier! (Maybe suggestion, but such is the feeling) Make it into a big crock for he eat plenty of people to be the crowning on top to put a *cover* smoked pork ribs. And remember - kapama necessarily must contain at least three types of meat. I put her in the cold in a cold oven tune of 120 degrees and leave her 12 hours to *torment* of a slow fire. Of course this is true - vschichko depends on the specifics of the various ovens. But the more slowly cook, the more delicious it. And more: Braising products are absolutely delicious and the sides of the vessel not receiving any tan making it easier washing it.