Sponge cake of minced meat

Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2010
500 g minced meat (mixture)
200 g mushrooms
200 g smoked ham
150 g butter
100 g cheese
50 g of milk
40 g flour
salt, pepper, savory, nutmeg, cumin
2 tbsp breadcrumbs
Sponge cake of minced meat
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Half butter saute mushrooms sliced ​​and diced ham. Add the minced meat, stir. Salt and add all spices. In the remaining butter fry until golden, add the flour and cold milk, stirring frequently to avoid picking up balls. With the resulting mince pour bechamel sauce and mix well. Nice oiled cake pan and sprinkle with bread crumbs and pour the meat mixture and sprinkle top with bread crumbs. Bake for about 15 minutes in a preheated 200 C oven. Remove rested for 2-3minuti and turn it into a baking dish, sprinkle with grated cheese and return to oven until the crust (2-5 minutes).
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06 Sep 2010


recipe is tried these days to get a great personally I added a bit more cheese and also bechamel sauce. Of course I made minor change in my personal taste. I hope you like it as much as to me.

Something dawned on me - fry the minced meat before you go wrong with bechamel?

The picture is very appetizing. Products I like, so I would love the taste. Goes to favorites.

Yes mimsi I personally slightly zaparzhih or rather choked, but as you prefer in both cases will get better.

Very appetizing picture, I just like recipe, knead products and the resulting mince put in baking tin without Fry anything. So I think that is achieved in zdrv kind of pieces serving. Can be seen from the picture that this option is successful. Great picture.

Today I give it a try this cake, I've seen something similar (or the same) in Culinary journal

cake was great or sister as my son *mmmmmmmm this is vkusnooooo*

And I have met something similar in Culinary journal, remember that even I did it, but something does not work like the picture when removed from the form collapsed. I will certainly try to see this time what will happen.

can be put and boiled eggs in the middle will do these days !!!

HELLO, I'm glad you like my recipe I always say that I give only an idea, but everyone can prepare is by your own taste and recipe accidentally saw in gotvarski.com and where they have been taken I can not say.Thank you for your comments and compliments .......

idea is very interesting, with the stuffing can improvise. A picture is great!

I'm doing this, but stuffed with cheese and crumbled boiled egg. With any stuffing will be delicious. I neither Fry nor zadushavam- put it as meatloaf do not irrigate with bechamel and put more grated cheese. Pepi, your picture is excellent :)

Annie, I think really if not fried in advance and if not mixed with bechamel will not fall apart when removed. Will try this.

Today will pregotvyam this cake, but I sruva that 15-20 minutes a little, you will write the result and if a picture there will be one.

You're right, little. I bake it in a moderate oven for longer. If the oven is strong will brown on top and inside will be raw.

Surely bake at least 40-50 minutes, depending on the width of the court and the amount of minced meat, I did it with 800 grams. mince. I've another way such recipe, but in human form that is more easily washed, but this time in the circle in order to achieve a beautiful effect and as always improvise, and get new ideas for recipe turned out very spolochliva and will write it to try it. It turned out that the idea of ​​bechamel is very good, thank -No never have known.

oil can reduce the baking 30-40 minutes., I did not mince fried. Baked it in a silicone cake mold. But I think I need to put something forward to volume, but do not dilute it - rice, boiled eggs and carrots?

To not fat I put pickles and cut you want. Strips or cubes!

recipe is great, allows improvisation! :)

Villas, great picture! :) Very appetizing look, not to say what I ... ;)

Thanks Bobby, I am sending you soon ... :)

Villas, great looks! Your wonderful present it :)

Thanks Rennie!

recipe is great. Helped me a lot in diversifying the menu, because I cook every night and now you can not izmilyam eat. Thanks for help.