Sponge pastries

Submitted by enr on 06 Nov 2009
8 eggs
400 g flour
10 g baking powder
400 g sugar
200 g sour cream
300 g chocolate spread
2 bananas
Sponge pastries
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From 4 eggs, 5 g baking powder, 200 g flour, 200 g of sugar is made base, which bake in moderate oven until the stick sticking it out dry. With the remaining quantity of the same products bake for 1 base. Cream, chocolate and one banana cream. One base is moist with milk and spreadable cream, place the other base and again smeared with cream pastries are cut and then decorate with remaining banana. * Can be prepared and ready sponge bases - bought or cooked in another recipe.
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06 Nov 2009


Zdravche! Long absence, but obviously it was worth it, Load is: a new, very seductive idea! Bravo! I like the recipe you!

becomes dough and cake. Very good idea to decorate.

I really like, I guess that will be our next dessert! Bravo Zdravche :)

made pasties, but the lazy option ready cake. Put and photos.

I dedicated them to St. Valenti.

became Superski

I think I surprised my friend with them on Valentine's Day. Can anybody tell me how to make them in the shape of hearts? Whether you happen to cutter sweet?

Yes, it will be with a metal cutter sweet, so I cut out them.

pasties are wonderful! Decked them with hearts (Valentine), but attacked them today :) I hope to stay for tomorrow :) (become many). Creams Are not my recipe - use creams for cakes Dr. Oetker - with vanilla and chocolate.

Lu4a, pasties looks so delicious! What do you decorate it like?

renito, thanks! Skakao is sprinkled, and the other is the potato with chopped chocolate and stands as strips :)

We are pleased with the result, became very juicy.