Chicken Fricassee Irina

Submitted by enr on 03 Sep 2007
3 lower chicken legs
2 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tbsp flour
yolks 3
4 tbsp yogurt
the juice of 1/2 lemon
Chicken Fricassee Irina
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Chicken legs are cooked in salted water, boned and tear to pieces. In deep pan is placed in the oil and flour was added while stirring continuously, add the broth from the legs and reduces the fire. When the mixture begins to thicken and add already fragmented chicken legs. During this time in a bowl beat egg yolks, yogurt and lemon juice until a homogeneous mixture. The mixture was added to the dish while it is still on the heat and stirred for about 5 minutes. To the already finished fricassee of flavor is added and pepper.
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03 Sep 2007


dish is amazing.

Very fast, very easy and damn tasty, shortly I will try to go and photograph, bravo Irina.

Girls Do not put garlic in this wonderful dish? Try becomes surprising 5-6 cloves pressed - is based depends on who and how it prefers.

recipe is great, and I personally do not put garlic fricassee, but the mess of chicken, but it is to taste :)

Hello, garlic really is unique delicious!

That's what I do, but put a little garlic. Becomes very tasty

I tried and top chicken legs - better get

Very good. But I concoct a whole chicken and pry the meat becomes nice, even if it is a drumstick. A chesancheto will try :)

I did it with chicken and it was very tasty! A little sour, but it is delicious!

little much he likes her cook regularly rbravo

Thank you Irene. These delicious and easy recipes seem disappeared from Bulgarian cuisine. With a little garlic is great.

My mother was making it in this way, it's great!

just shto it naoravi. Became sbaking panahotno. Thanks

It was great!

As a novice it fulfilled exactly (without garlic) and my son was delighted with her. Irina, thanks!

Many thanks to all for your kind comments, I'm glad that recipe you like.

dish is very tasty:-)

Thank you very much! Awesome!

Very easy to ready. Thanks for the idea.

was very tasty used instead of legs half domestic fowl

Barzani and tasty, now made it :)

Many baraza and very tasty recipe. Thank you.

Great recipe my kids love it. From as I read it often prepare and we especially liked.

just opened the site to look exactly chicken fricassee - I am glad that I came across this recipe exactly and it from scratch - I'm going to do it and I do not doubt that it will become super

This dish is very tasty and is a favorite of my husband, but the original fricassee made with white meat chicken. If done with yogurt not put lemon acid comes from milk. However, to do with milk and then add lemon. Even more delicious if it is made with butter, not oil.

When cooking meat after Pause reprint is nice to put one Galva onion, carrot and roots for soup, the same Strain and separately added before yoghurt myalko with beaten egg yolks. This recipe fix it small as know it from my grandmother.

When put garlic?

It is very tasty and still cook me;)

I loved. I did it with domestic yolks in which I used only one ... and even one was my yellow fricassee :) I imagine if I put 3 pcs.

I do fricassee exactly in this way, ie put and pickled. milk and lemon, but put two egg yolks and plenty of flour.

Olee, this was surprising, but with a little note-flour stir it separately with a little water that becomes one of the balls is not true. Bravo

A great recipe! Congratulations! Incredible

this is my favorite dish ... mm

wonderful dish twice already do it and damn tasty ... bravo Irina.

It was wonderful, thank you for the great recipe

For the first time I fricassee and I liked a lot :)

fricassee is great. Put garlic that is even better. Just do not break the flour separately mess because you do pancake.

I was just trying out the recipe. Really easy and delicious.

Yes, chesanche and mushroom is even better-now our duty meal-again thank Irina

And I add a little garlic fricassee, but it is a matter of taste! Very quick and tasty cooked meal!

A great recipe!

To you it is not fried flour lumps before adding the broth, pour a little cold water and stir. This is the basis of bechamel sauce. Then add the hot broth ... and act as a recipe. To make it more flavorful, while boiling legs, put his head roasted onions, carrots, celery, which then blend and add ... Various interpretations important result is delicious.

and I do it a long time and is very nice, except that the flour does not fry it and put it finally before the egg and milk. and put a little more of it to become more gastichko. so loving home. and you'll get from any chicken. I've done it with lanterns and upper legs. even put a little more mestse. and garlic of course. is superb

easy and delicious

Yesterday I enjoyed this dish - it's great - fast and delicious! However, I put plenty of flour.

Never before biah rules Chicken fricassee, but became great. Instead of oil used Irish butter which add a pleasant aroma and taste. Many thanks for the recipe, not himself believed 4f shtte be easy.

We like the chicken prepared in this way :)

recipe is really good! Bravo!