Sponge cake Zebra

Submitted by enr on 09 Jan 2008
4 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
2 and 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup sunflower oil
1 vanilla
1-2 tbsp cocoa
Sponge cake Zebra
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Beat eggs with sugar, add baking soda, quenched in yogurt, flour, the oil and vanilla. Mix everything well and then divided into two equal parts and one is added cocoa, then very carefully in the center of the pan pour two tablespoons of white mixture, then two of the brown again in the center and thus turns to depletion. The mixture should be poured only in the center of the tray, then it alone was spread over the entire tray. Bake at 180 C in a heated oven.
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09 Jan 2008


The recipe is very easy and very fast. Do it, you will not go wrong.

Very fast, use a wooden spoon on top is not necessarily sprinkle with powdered sugar, if desired can be brushed with light cream, and inside there might be some ground walnuts.

I made the cake and it was great. All houses in many liked it and will do it regularly.

I made a cake and a great and taste and appearance. Try it, you will not regret it.

You must try it! I added it to favorites!

Very easy and delicious seems to me, and I am tempted to do it tonight.

I did it and it is great. I have no words. Great cake, try it.

Bravo looks delicious, and easy :)

Very good recipe! Looks great even in crude version before you put it in the oven. I could not sleep and decided to perform it. I personally ordered the nuts on top of the Rings cocoa that were received. We'll see how it is coming out of the oven. But I think it would be great!

It was incredibly delicious cake. Borrowed from another cake and covered it on top with plenty of chocolate. Mmmm ...

add lemon flavoring

This zebra worth trying :)

great cake when I did not believe me nobody thought that was bought from shops on Thanked

Today I did it and it was great!

I did it without almost did not manage to try it! It is very tasty and fast over!

is a super-loving! Yesterday I did ... bravo bravo ... Added to Favorites ...

that's cool .. will do it for sure ..

Yes really great today it prepared! I added it to favorites! Mhogo quick and easy cake.

In a nutshell, easy and delicious. 5 from me!

great cake! Bravo!

great cake. Goes to favorites. At home all liked it.

easy and wonderful! I added walnuts ... excellent recipe

looks great. add to favorites

I do it for several facilities of road great!

cake is delicious and prepared quickly and easily

Easy and beautiful looking cake Unfortunately Cocoa was very bright and did not distinguish good color

today I made this cake became wonderful. I had poured rastopen chocolate and was very nice

becomes great :)

A if you can put it in chocolate chips or will not get better?

doritos try and then tell us about the effects :)

Very easy, beautiful and delicious straight to favorites :)

this cake is very nice and successful.

made cake became mngogo beautiful and yummy :)

Thank you for the recipe. Really gorgeous. Several times I'm doing. Home loved it. Goes to favorites.

Very easy and quick recipe. Cake became great! Will certainly do it again.

It is very nice did it for his birthday and all very liked

How long must bake the cake, give some indicative time (35-40 minutes)?

recipe is accurate, received very well, except that my oven is small and the heat of the bottom wire first ten minutes at 250 degrees and then to stand at 170 degrees for two wire :)

cake is great! For this recipe I do as a child. Before I baked it a little, I put him and raisins, walnuts, sweet whole figs (when, what I have on hand). Today I added raisins and a little grated chocolate.

is a classic recipe, I cast cake mixes in 12 mafincheta!

Villas, awesome :) Great picture!

Thank you very much!

Every time great result :)

embarrassing for me to admit, but I do it for the first time, and I know the recipe for years :) It thought patterns I will not get better, but it turned out it was a very easy cake is :) great!

Very nice recipe and a great result :)

Home has already become a favorite cake :)

A great recipe! Home loved it, it becomes really tasty and very beautiful. I made it in the form of a cake and it was amazing!

This time it Peko in mono muffins. In addition to cocoa over colored and soluble soda powder with strawberry flavor. Became deliciously!

really tasty cake!

Very easy and delicious!