Cream Caramel

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
500 g sugar
6 eggs
1 liter milk
2 vanilla powder
Cream Caramel
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Burned 200 g of sugar. Other products are broken and place in the hot caramel. Stir gently and baked in a water bath for 35-40 minutes. Cooled in a water bath and eat cold.
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01 Dec 2002


is very easy to prepare and plan to put mark *excellent*.

Sugar is an real lot! But much! Are enough 2 cups One is caramelized and other crashes with other products. Do not need to be baked in a water bath, it is sufficient to keep at low temperatures - up to 170 degrees for about one hour.

Deborah is right:-) And the milk is boiled in advance for not going porosity then.

pores are the most delicious;)

Sugar is really and must be pre-cooked and the milk must be cold.

I and pores and pores without him eat. Never brew milk advance. :)

Enough is 100 g of sugar per 500 ml of milk and between 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees preheated oven. Milk is pre-cooked, but it is not necessary to wait to cool. And beat 4 eggs 500 ml of milk. Becomes something sublime.

cruel! And it's so easy that I can do it!

bubbles occur when the water in the baking pan boil. Therefore, if you do not like bubbles, do not let this happen!

I put 10 eggs, the milk and if it is a whole becomes fantasy. Bake it directly in the pan, because that was the first to get his hands were just satisfied meratsite.

Another idea - why not add brandy (cognac might essence) - the taste is very nice ...

A great recipe! I do it in the baking pan and again becomes void free. Good appetite!

This dessert becomes very nice croissants with chocolate otdolo the bottom.

I do it with 10 tablespoons sugar. A caramelized 2 tsp in the forms of creme caramel. Became great.

I do it in cake form and bake until it is still hot pour the dough by slightly graying broken down into 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons flour. Bake only on top. After being cooled is drawn in the baking pan and left overnight in the cold. If there is ice cream will be awesome!

I prepare it the same way, but it is very important milk is slightly warm or hot nor cold. So you can not get lumpy. Great recipe, well done.

I prepare it in small bowls refractory.

Super delicious recipe and photo today will prepare it!

will immediately try very appetizing look the picture!

My favorite dessert is crème caramel. In our only I can do as you thick and smooth atmosphere without it bubbles. Congratulations for creme caramel. BRAVO!

custard, which is in the baking pan and baked in Teflon form, what has otdolo pad. Sponge is it?

Yes, Hristov999, Sponge is the substrate. Below I explain how. See comment №15.

Yes, and I bake at 150 degrees for exactly one hour.

made caramel, only poprekalih sugar instead of 500 grams. I put 700 g., Yet became great

I make it very often, but recently I was told to boil milk before, and so you do not form pores. Bake it at a very low temperature. Became great and slightly thicker than before. Opitaite and will not regret it.

In order not to receive pores should not boil the water / water bath /. Therefore earn more time, but weaker oven.

I do not do it in a water bath and again became

It's not you porosity when not in the water bath?

I also boiled milk and Paiute low temperature for more than an hour. Became great. Only my wife liked it. I omitted to mention was baking in a water bath, and also a little sugar from the recipe. One cup of milk and a caramelized.

My favorite custard! :)

great dessert just ate

I brew mlakot sugar, beaten eggs, and immediately slowly sipvam hot milk, then the oven and water put in the baking pan should be warm and not produce bubbles.

made creme caramel, for the first time. Peko it in a water bath, put more eggs and less sugar! Became very, very tasty. Apparently he filled it very well, because they allow to cool and warm yet it turned! and upload photos!

I like it very easy recipe.

A great recipe!

Today again did that only in small shapes and became a textbook! In cake form I do not receive a lot of kind!

Make some time and I always get holes and still think it's milk ... brew it in advance, always water should not boil, but I have no idea why is it ... :(

I know that this occurs when the oven ment very strong. Put the bowls in cold water Ineke slowly heated and they and water. Do not barzai and so let the oven is *soft*.Should not boil the water if you happen opened and add cold water.Ideal cream really is a void free-tarpenie1

just happened, but I'm interested because my oven is gas and bake or just below or just above how many degrees must. I only know that it Peko about 1 hour

great. I liked

The most delicious dessert!

adore custard! :)

favorite dessert.

Very yummy get, well done :)