Banitsa muffins with cream

Submitted by enr on 28 Jun 2013
500 g filo pastry sheets
3 eggs
300 g feta cheese
200 ml sour cream
100 ml sunflower oil
100 ml milk
10 g baking powder
sesame and flax seeds for sprinkling
salt (if the feta cheese is not savory)
Banitsa muffins with cream
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Beat eggs well (I use a blender), add the oil, milk, cream, crumbled feta cheese and baking powder and mix well. If not savory enough, add salt to taste. The bag sheet without getting it, do a roll and cut with a sharp knife snails with a width of about 1 cm. Hands Fan all snails to not glued and screwed bands. Put them in a mixture made from eggs and mix gently to wet the mixture all stripes peel. forms for muffins (if using metal) pre-Grease (I use diet margarine) and fill them with a nice mixture brim. Sprinkle with sesame and linseed (some of my friends and put sunflower seeds, but I think it's too). Bake in preheated oven at 150C degrees until golden. * In different versions of this recipe, baking it at different temperatures of 150C to 200C degrees. It is best to try to stick and to be made on your own oven.
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28 Jun 2013


For breakfast I made the pie. Do not use the form of muffins, Peko in baking panwith a diameter of 27 cm. It was a great and very tasty muffins. I am very pleased
the recipe.

Wonderful idea! Thanks for the comment.

sour cream or liquid?

Put 200 ml. cream, which means that a liquid is electric. If not, you can replace it with thick yogurt as you do Bulgarian pie.

Yes, there tried, but I think it can no be bad. I use sour cream.

nikolaantanasov, cool is that clarification is in itself a recipe for just 200 ml cream 200 ml liquid means unsweetened / salted cream as noted akva7 below.

Many delicious muffins. I replaced the cream with yogurt, because I think with the cream will be a little greasy.