Wonderful mekitsi Petya

Submitted by enr on 12 Jan 2008
500 g yogurt
1 tbsp baking
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
300 g feta cheese
Wonderful mekitsi Petya
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In yoghurt put soda, beaten eggs, salt and crumbled feta cheese . Mix well and add flour until a soft dough. Put it in a greased with sunflower oil bag and stowed in the refrigerator overnight. The next day take with oiled hands small balls of dough, disheveled, hands and fry in more fat. Optional are served with powdered sugar, jam or just so. They are suitable for guests, because the dough is cooked in the evening and in the morning, breakfast is done very quickly.
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12 Jan 2008
Petya Ivanova


are really wonderful :) The dough is made quickly and easily, and then the cakes are in seconds. Have a very pleasant taste and despite the cheese in them, many go with powdered sugar, and of course with cheese.

are great. We ate them in the morning and evening.

There are many delicious cakes prepared with this recipe! Congratulations!

are Super. Thank you.

Wonderful cakes! Many thanks for the great recipe.

Bravo! Wonderful cakes.

will test them necessarily those mekichki. The English have a little dull kitchen, so that this will prove that Bulgarian cuisine is a wonderful thing.

Bravo! These are fantastic mekichki can make them and people who can not interfere, like me.

At weekends mekichkite tried were great. Thank you.

What a nice recipe and mostly easy. Will necessarily try.

Mekichkite are unique, this morning I made them and domestic impressed.

Super! Are directly tale :)

incredibly soft and fluffy. Froze some dough and use it again in a week - except for a slight browning you get probably from the cold - the cakes still remain fluffy. Thanks for the nice recipe

I think tanning is baking soda. For me, it only gets in the batter and soda. But it is not trouble.

are amazing. I have no words.

recipe is great! Congratulations!

very nice and easy cakes do them every week

Stahotni are.

Amazing mekichki! Bravo!

Delicious! Became a favorite of my family.

yesterday I made them and my husband all day wanted to eat cakes! Very tasty! Bravo

As cold dough (pulled from the refrigerator) so you start to fry?

Yes. The dough is not in the freezer, and 4 C - so it is not too tight. Unplug it and you're going to do mekichki :)

And I do them well. Really strahotniiii. Good for ADASHKATA :)

Great recipe, I salute thee!

soda is not a lot? Should not e1ch. l

Mekichkite are gorgeous I do not put Cheese inside that children eat them with a sweet but we like. Indeed, the dough was a little dark in the morning as it pulled out of the fridge but with fry is very nice.

dough is placed in a plastic bag and so not discolor.

Here's my photos and mekichkite :)

really become very fast and good. Thanks for the recipe:-)

I think I try them on so far has finished dough take look very appetizing

Thanks for the recipe. Now omesih dough and the morning will see the result.

super delicatessen, kneaded them in the morning and now all snack cakes at any time! Bravo!

I liked the fast, easy, delicious!

Great became ... I can not stop eating them ... and you and others remain ...)

oh, go my dietkata .. bravo for the great recipe! incredibly easy and delicious ...

For all told what to authors added *Do not be surprised and do them!*Really classic in the genre !!!

recipe is my favorite and I'm doing it every weekend! It is very successful!

I thank you all for the nice photos and reviews mekichkite! Glad you like them :)

Today I made them, but were very greasy, tough to eat. Wonderful became kind of, but not the taste.

Desi, cakes fried in plenty and highly preheated oil, so do not take fat.

Yes, obviously I could not do them well, was quite fat, but perhaps not sufficiently preheated. After so many positive reviews for the recipe, I decided to do them. Will try again, hope to do better. Thank you for the clarification.

cakes are great! Thanks for delicious and quick recipe!

Mekichkite are super! All very like them, today I will do :) Thanks for the nice recipe

delicious cakes bravooo:-)

I want to thank the wonderful cakes Petya ... We were fascinated with my boyfriend ... I am away from home and I can not ask my mom or grandmother. This site is great learned many things from here. Thanks again :)

unique. bravooo

Many successful recipe. Always excellent result.

place dough in a greased container, cover it and keep it cool. Cheese may not be put in and serving. In both cases we receive very soft and delicious cakes that remain such and morning / if there are any left them! /