Submitted by enr on 18 May 2012
300 g cow feta cheese
6 tbsp honey
6 tbsp in large pieces ground walnuts
aluminum foil
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The feta cheese is divided into three identical tiles. Of aluminum foil is cut three rectangular pieces and on each pour 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp of ground walnuts, top placed piece feta cheese, should re 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp of the walnuts. Fthe oil sealed bags and baked in a preheated oven for 10-something minutes. Serve warm appetizer without fthe remove oil. * For 3 servings.
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18 May 2012


How many degrees bake? And can you wrapped with cooking paper to seal in MW oven, but I do not know what power?

sounds very tasty!

Maybe in CF may grilled and quantity of all products variira liking. I do it from time to time, and almonds I have rules, and goat cheese. Another option is to Breaded cheese with milk and flour to fry and then be flooded with honey and sprinkled with roasted nuts. My mother so breaded cheese (named Saganaki, as far as I remember) and it was served with honey or jelly.

Aliana, thanks for your reply for me! Incidentally summer-season barbecue, so I cooked the cheese and grill gets is also very good! A temperature of the oven: 150-180oS, the idea is strong oven for a short time as you become hot cheese and sweetened by honey!

I have tried once such a cheese, but as written Aliana, breaded. Thanks for an interesting recipe.

I personally avoid options with frying and for this I like this recipe. But on Saturday we had a tavern and there offered the cheese breaded in cornflakes with blackberry jam. I have no words, was very very tasty!

goodies! I knew I would love (often make salads with cheese and honey dressing and taste much like me :) Thanks for the recipe!

Reni, very glad that you liked the recipe! Bon Appetit from me!

great camp, I bake it quickly became a toaster, a piece of goat cheese and one with halyumi exactly to my taste, after the beautiful pictures of Rainier dared not let me.

flowers, thank you for your trust!

flowers, I'm glad you liked my pictures :)

Today we tried, we like. Proposed proportions think are suitable and may be changed to taste. Walnuts were pre-baked, so have a pleasant taste. Advise as to allocate the time that you can enjoy a dessert immediately after removing from the oven.

Pavel, I'm glad you appreciate the positive recipe!

great offer. At the earliest opportunity to buy real cheese, and besides, can do their homework and will try this recipe in the halogen oven. And imagine how it goes this wonderful appetizer with a glass of wine ... tyuyuyu okapi is ... bravo PERUNIKA recipe for good.

Any cheese appropriate Mariyanka even more aromatic cheeses, such as sheep and goats, combine better with honey and not get lost in its sweetness.

but I am vexed that I no longer have a goat to do it with homemade goat cheese .. but will do cheese and test it necessarily .. I love those dishes that combine sweet and salty taste ..

hey I could not ustiskam .. as I entered a recipe under the skin and dock not try it .. so do not settle down with this wonderful and very simple and delicious recipe is so .. prepared her about white appetizer with some wine tonight and quite worried how they will react mate .. but it turned out that many liked it even asks for more .. but I made a simple cheese only 2 Porcius sample .. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HALOGENKI .. Put sachets UPPER GRILL FOR 10 MINUTES OF 240 DEGREES. directly to Favorites ..

Mamcheto, thanks for the good comment! I am glad that you were sweet!

And we love her very much this recipe. I also sprinkle with basil. Say it with goat cheese best going, but something I can not set it to eat :)