Appetizer of eggplants

Submitted by enr on 24 Aug 2011
solid tomatoes
dry oregano
sunflower oil
Appetizer of eggplants
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Eggplants are washed, cleaned and sliced ​​thick 1 cm, and salted and left to put the bitter water 30 minutes. Then fry in a pan with a little oil (or baking BBQ or grill pan), drain on kitchen roll. The pulleys are arranged in a lightly oiled pan, put on each circle tomato with the same thickness, and the top is put a piece of cheese. Sprinkle with oregano and bake in preheated oven only top wire, until lightly golden brown.
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24 Aug 2011
The idea for this recipe came to me after browsing here -


Maggie great offer! They are so delicious!

Very tasty and healthy look! Passes Bookmark

Thank you, as we were not fans of eggplant at home, so I loved it :)

In our country are also honor those mini eggplant pizzas, but I grilled tomato and washers for less. Especially delicious is a blue cheese, mmm!

Jump saved me! I had no idea of ​​warm prediastie after eternal tarator and Shopp salad. In Palma de Maiorka is already warm, and pie alone makes it! The pictures are great and very representative! Thank you! If you put in water tops moved 1tbs salt and then well pretisnete m / u towel after draining 30 minutes. So really not drink oil. Until tomorrow!

Annie, this method had not heard it, but will try it, thank you :)

Very good work! As an idea - can put a little chesanche between eggplant and tomatoes. Becomes like a starter :)

I also prepare them with garlic and parsley (fresh or dry) mixture oregano.

Little changed the recipe, but the result was excellent! Sprinkled chopped eggplant with salt and spread with a little olive oil. I baked it in a grill and ordered a baking pan with non-stick coating without additional fat. Sprinkled with dry garlic and oregano, put tomato and cheese and sprinkled with dried parsley. Licking your fingers!

roast is definitely healthier, also delicious! Thank gkostova04 :)

Thanks for the idea! I do not izparzhih, just put them in the oven immediately. And I did a little sauce 2 eggs, yogurt and cheese! I like that without meat :)

Very nice appetizer obtain. Eggplant put it in the oven to be baked with a little olive oil and then put the tomatoes and blue cheese. Very tasty!