Soup balls

Submitted by enr on 01 Apr 2008
500 g minced meat for BBQ - flavored
1 onion
2 carrots
3 potatoes
1 cup flour for rolling
# For soup thickenerta:
2 eggs
200 g yogurt
Soup balls
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In 2 liters of boiling water, put chopped into small cubes of carrots and potatoes and onions - chopped. Add salt to taste and leave to simmer. From minced meat with a small spoon is taken and put in a bowl of flour. Each ball is add some flour and put in a bowl. Where do all the marbles, carefully placed in the soup. Add savory and boil for another 15 minutes. Remove from heat and bind with beat eggs with yogurt. Returns again to boil, stirring constantly, not to cross. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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01 Apr 2008


I did it, and became great. Just put and finely chopped green pepper with carrots and onions.

Many favorite soup of our family! I add and tomato and noodles!

The soup is very tasty, well done :)

Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to do supichkataaa ... :)

thank you for the nice recipe!

In order not to cross the soup can be put only the yolks or if you want immediately to actual eggs in cold water and put the soup will not cross :)

I always do BUILD soup with egg yolk (as advises PassionFlower) and to it add a little milk (if I ef) can and cream. And in the soup add vermicelli and green pepper :) Minced meat may never rolled in flour-today will try in this recipe so to see the difference :)

I always roll balls in flour. So did my grandmother.

Bravo Cornelia! Today I made the soup and it was very tasty. I roll the balls in flour and put the noodles and added only the yolks. I am a vegetarian and do not eat meat, but others said that consumed soup that has become great. Thanks for the recipe!

I forgot to tell 4f added a little about 1h. l Pikantina-seasoning for dishes and soups.

Wonderful supichka korneliq, tomorrow will try to prepare it ... =)

I forgot to say that I always thickenvam soup with egg and yoghurt. Becomes very tasty! Sometimes (when I) and add parmesan ... it great ...

Very nice soup if you want to make dietary not put vermicelli Place 2 soups of maggi - balls of it built with yogurt 1% or 0. 1 thickener with only egg yolk (not to be crossed) put chicken mince Milled balls if you want to have them Roll Oval in cornmeal put spices you want and carrots, potatoes, peppers, onions and any vegetable you like to make dietary and delicious not put oil and it is ready, you can put 1 tablespoon olive oil if you love more maznichka and vinegar to taste believe me become a profound - 5 for recipe and goes to Favorites!

in this winter tonight will eat this supichka, I'm going to do

Supichkata is not super flat, only that I am looking to put as much as possible less any artificial flavors. Check some site sadarzhanieto universal spices satabilizatori, emulsifiers, E ... Well ... etc

The soup looks great, but 3 picture shows that there are noodles and recipe missing?

Fidel is a matter of taste, not bad. In the comments I see that everyone is offered by myself and something more interesting to try.

BUILD I'm doing it always with whole eggs. Beat the eggs with a little vinegar, pribavyase milk (or yogurt) may, flour and shake until smooth mixture is added gradually less soup to BUILD and stirring continuously and add to the soup dumb happened to crosses and becomes more dense.

and I prepare in this way, but add and 1 green pepper, and instead put rice vermicelli. Supichka gorgeous.

and I add finely chopped sauerkraut and a little cabbage soup - it amazing ... :)

Everything I had heard but cabbage soup and sauerkraut soup balls .. Not ..

Supichkata is super ... I added the pepper and noodles. Became wonderful. BRAVO.

Beautiful Soup, and the home is a big honor. And I add a photo.

awesome and I'm going to do!

It was a great soup. Very tasty

It is very delicious. Carrots and potatoes shredded Laying them.

January Minced meat mixed with a little rice and then do the marbles. Became great.

I love supichki and the beads is one of my favorite ... and I knead minced meat with rice ...

I meddle with it too rice

Thanks for the recipe korneliq! It was the first time, and most importantly, my husband liked it a lot :)

That's what I do with it supichkata only shred onions and carrots and chopped potatoes. Instead savory sometimes put parsley, every way is delicious!

The soup is superb!

Very tasty soup happened! And I added vermicelli. BUILD made it 3 egg yolks and 200 grams. yoghurt. A parsley put it when I put and savory. Large delicious meals! :)

This is classic. I knead minced together with some rice.

I do make a syshtiya way, but put a little rice and minced meat becomes great soup

I put rice in minced meat, but not roll balls in flour. At home love her very much.

Today supichkata prepared and became superb delicious, and goes to favorites.

It is very delicious.

soup became great. I added green pepper and vermicelli

The soup is very tasty, favorite of my family.

first dared and did BUILD of supichkata with whole eggs, keit67 said. 2 whole eggs
200 g. yoghurt 2%
1 tablespoon lie to. vinegar
Equal 2 tablespoons flour
Stir everything in the blender for a minute - two. With a ladle pour in thickener less than the soup and stir with a fork (perhaps to 200ml. I poured soup). Finally, pour the mixture into the pan a trickle, while stirring with ladle throughout.
Proteins never crossed, and the soup became superb! :)

My favorite supichka :)

Super recipe! It and three liters by adding a handful of rice mince ...;)

Nice soup get!

Since the soup prepared in this recipe at home now routinely ask for soup :) It became a favorite of the whole family. Thanks for the delicious recipe :)

did become tasty :)

It was great. Thanks for the recipe :)