Chocolate layered cake with hazelnuts

Submitted by enr on 11 Jul 2012
# For the base:
7 eggs
7 tbsp sugar
7 tbsp flour (heaped)
10 g bakpuver
2 tbsp cocoa
# For the filling:
300 g hazelnuts
500 g chocolate spread
50-60 g butter
100 g of dark chocolate (hard)
200 ml whipped cream
350-400 ml sour cream
200 g of powdered sugar mixed with 1 tbsp cocoa
# For the syrup:
600 ml hot water
300 g sugar
# For the top layer:
300 g of milk chocolate
hazelnuts and cream for decoration
Chocolate layered cake with hazelnuts
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The base: Withdraw very carefully white and yolk, each yolk is left in its shell, to stay separate. Beat egg whites with a mixer and after they become snow gradually add sugar. The yolks were added 1 1 (important). In principle, the traditional sponge base is not used baking, but if you are unsure or do not have enough time to break the mixture well can add 1 baking powder (10 g) to the flour. Cocoa is added to the advance (!) sifted flour. Bake in greased pan or tray with baking paper preheated oven (200C) for 40 to 50 minutes without opening the oven (!). Another very important thing is to be perfectly dry and clean containers in which eggs are broken (!). Once baked and cool was cut into 3 equal parts, if not possible, 2. The filling: The chocolate spread melts gently in a water bath with melted butter and stir until completely homogeneous, must not become liquid. In a separate vessel, 100 g melted chocolate directly on the stove, to which is added almost whipped cream and stir, then remove from the heat before it starts to boil. Add the rest of the whipped cream, sour cream, sugar and cocoa powder and mix with a mixer. Hazelnuts leave purposes. The top layer and the syrup: all chocolate is melted in a water bath immediately before pouring. Sugar stir in hot water until dissolved, optional can be added and a little vanilla. Once all things are ready can be ordered cake. Insert the first base, syrup, the top half is smeared with chocolate spread and 1/4 of cream, hazelnuts poured everywhere, are pressed to sink in chocolate and cream. so straight and second base. Last base is thin syrup and smeared with cream on top pour melted chocolate. Side garnish with remaining cream.
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11 Jul 2012