Stuffed peppers with mince and rice

Submitted by enr on 21 Aug 2009
10 peppers
1 onion
1 carrot
500 g minced meat
1 cup rice
egg 1
1 cup yogurt
sunflower oil
1 tsp paprika, savory, black pepper, salt, 1 pinch of dried basil and fenugreek
fresh parsley and celery
Stuffed peppers with mince and rice
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Onions and carrots are cut into small pieces and stewed with a little oil and water. Add the minced meat, fuzzy with a little water and stew about 15 minutes. Insert the washed rice, spices and make 1 cup water. Stews until rice is semi, stirring to avoid sticking to the bottom of the container. Peppers cleaned of stems and seeds, riddled with needle in several places and fill with mixture. The hole is flour and stacked in a deep pan. Pour salted water to half (if you want a thick sauce is added and fuzzy meal), sprinkle with oil and put in preheated oven. Bake 30-40 minutes, after which the tray is removed and separated into a bowl 1-2 ladles of sauce to cool for 10 minutes. Egg mix with yogurt and a little salt and stir it to pour the cooled sauce. The resulting mixture was poured into a tray in the pod and gently shaken to evenly distribute.
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21 Aug 2009


And I do them in the same way and are really very very delicious

amazing yummy, Maggie! Bravo!

These spices are really delicious :) Thank you!

I add grated tomato

I also prepare them in this way. Many are really delicious. But also add to tomato mixture with the minced meat. A BUILD do with it boiled and do not have to wait for the sauce to cool.

I do them without sauce and tomato juice and water

I admit that I am a professional chef, but my opinion is purely amateur. To the mixture and add a slice soaked in milk, no matter what. Gives great taste and ease. In the water also add tomatoes, but finally thickenvam with ready mushroom soup. Try it, you will not regret!

interesting proposal, thanks!

I also did such peppers, but the recipe Ivan Zvezdev that quite incidentally is the same :) becomes very delicious. Instead of rice can be used couscous - I tell you, it was the most delicious and juicy peppers that I've ever done. Cous put up boil broth.

Svetlana great coincidence that Ivan Zvezdev make stuffed peppers in the same way! So my mother, my aunt and my grandmother always preparing stuffed peppers, and I accordingly so :)

Maggie recipe is great. Congratulations.

Maggie, no matter coincidence or not, the important thing is that make great :)

Yeah, but you know only my aunt as put by its aromatic spices how are!

Classic :) This is our family dish. Can be prepared in a saucepan together with leafs. Again so is cast from the sauce and makes thickener.

already in the oven and wait them out, thanks Maggie

definitely received a lot of good, I like those spices and the sauce, used and advice given by others.

I'm glad you like the recipe :)

thanks Maggie truly very well received! Congratulations.

liked very much at home will do them often.

I'm glad you liked the recipe :)

I do them with Maggie little secret :) very nice and quickly become, but these are delicious :)

Thanks very much for the recipe I am eating as I did not know how to do it was very difficult now every day will do them

Thank Jaures, you sweet :)

And I do them with the same products as add grated tomato and one to mince. The only difference is that you suffocate advance products and blend them raw. Sometimes swell rice with a glass of water, but do not have time just wash, bake the peppers until he takes liquid and boiled.

:) I forgot evaluation

I miss to write a comment as upload photos. I have never enjoyed basil and fenugreek recipe I have ever stuffed peppers until now is the same, but I add tomatoes or tomato paste. So far my peppers are becoming better but with this recipe and these spices were unique, and proportions are accurate. If the assessment was excellent I wrote it.

Milena, Valya, thank you for the nice words! And I'm glad that I hit the exact proportions, having in mind that there is an eye put products :)

So we like this recipe that has become like a family tradition weekend to attend our menu.

Valentina, I'm glad that you liked the recipe :)

Bravo for the wonderful recipe and I add to *Favorites*.

sweet_pe, thanks!

thanks for the recipe :)

Maya, and I thank them soon prepared and eaten with great relish :)

favorite recipe for stuffed peppers!

And we are a favorite, and if you use home pepper flavor is even greater, thanks!

are Amazing! :)

Great recipe exactly as they prepare at home. But I do the sauce separately. In saucepan beaten egg and yogurt low heat. Gradually add the sauce and pepper. Leave to thicken slightly and pour serving pod.

To yogurt and egg and add 1 tablespoon with peak meal, as it thickens add the sauce of peppers and return it to the pot to boil 1-2 minutes.

Maggie, thanks for the nice recipe - again received great. Whenever your mind to cook something I look in your recipes, because I know I will get it and with a great result. Great culinary - thanks for another great recipe!

Sveta, it is a favorite dish at home, special thanks for the nice words :)

magi71, peppers are perfect, cooked them yesterday! Home all eat them with great pleasure!

favorite recipe for stuffed peppers.

Stuffed chushki- favorite meal :)

favorite recipe of my family, I have always received excellent result!

This lovely recipe can be prepared in a slightly different version, which would like to offer you. Finished peppers advance salting inside. The mixture is placed in raw peppers in it being put finely chopped tomatoes. I use 1. 5 kg. tomatoes on a baking pan peppers. Rare part of the mixture that remains in this accidental tomatoes, rice, mince pour over already prepared peppers, watered with oil, half with water and begin to bake. When they are ready flooded with a mixture of egg, yogurt and flour.

can be put in the stuffing and tomato, for those who love :)

Very tasty. In my favorite. :)

A great recipe! Many were delicious! Thank you!

And we very much love these peppers. I mix all products in raw, stuffed peppers and pour hot water 1/4 in pan in the oven. I have not put carrots until now / will probably be more tasty / and spices only use black pepper and cumin.